Adventure types can't miss these cheap Ledlenser offers on Prime Big Deals Day

Get your cheap head torches, camping lanterns and torches here!

Young female hiker using a Ledlenser torch in the dark
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The days are getting shorter, which is the perfect excuse to start spending money on outdoor gear. You can choose from a bunch of options: head torches, camping lanterns and handheld torches. And aren't you lucky, as Amazon has a range of quality Ledlenser gear on offer, but only until the end of today!

Let's face it: there's never been a situation when someone said, 'I wish I've never bought this torch!' Torches are useful for outdoor adventures, finding your keys in the garage, or having them as a backup in case there is a power cut. Headlamps are equally as versatile as their handheld siblings, and Ledlenser has long been known as one of the best headtorch brands.

The best deal of the lot is the Ledlenser P5R Core offer, knocking £36.62 off RRP (now £38.33, was £74.95). Looking at the non-deal price, you save less than that compared to what the torch sells these days, but it's still nearly £10 off, which is pretty good for a cheap product such as this.

If you're more of a happy camper, check out this bad boy. The tiny Ledlenser ML4 is a rechargeable LED lantern with a maximum 300-lumen output and up to 45 hours of battery life. It's small enough to be clipped onto a backpack! It's currently sold for £31.97, down from £44.95.

Want something with more power? Check out the Ledlenser X21R torch LED with a whopping 5000-lumen output that can throw a beam up to 800 metres. It's on offer for £255.52, down from £310.69 (saving you £55). It's still pricey, but if you need performance, you'll need to pay the big bucks.

Make sure you visit T3's Prime Big Deal Days hub for a curated list of all the best offers available right now. And remember: today is the last day of deals, so if you want to buy something for cheap, now is the time to act.

Matt Kollat
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