UPDATED: The first range of Apple HomeKit enabled devices are heading to the UK

And the company has provided more details about the setup and Apple TV

Elgato has announced that Eve, a range of sensors used for monitoring your home will be coming to the UK in July. The range is notable because it will make use of Apple's upcoming HomeKit app, allowing you to control a multiple devices in a single app.

The company first demonstrated Eve at CES 2015, with the system including sensors for room quality, weather, doors, windows and energy.

The impressive little sensors use Bluetooth LE rather than Wi-Fi, meaning they don't require a central hub plugged into your router. It's an innovate solution to the problem of over-stressing your router with hundreds of connected devices.

They can all be controlled from an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch (running iOS 8.3 or later), but you'll need to download either Elgato's Eve app, or Apple's HomeKit app (when it launches later this year).

“HomeKit offers a simple, convenient and secure solution without monthly fees or the need to purchase a starter kit," says Dr. Markus Fest, CEO of Elgato. "This is the beginning of something big, and we're thrilled to be part of it.”

Those with using Android devices are out of luck with no support, at all.

The range includes a complete selection of sensors to transform your home into a connected home:

Eve Room is an interesting one, it will monitor air quality, temperature and humidity. Room will even tell you if your carpet smells -- time for a hoover perhaps?

Eve Door and Window will allow you to see the current state of your entrances and exits, particularly useful if you're forgetful and leave the house open to criminals frequently.

Eve Weather is a pretty self-explanatory one, it will monitor the outside temperature, humidity, and air pressure.

Eve Energy records how much energy your appliances are using, and allows you to switch them on or off remotely.

Pricing of the Eve Sensors start at £34.95 for the Eve Door and Window, ranging up to £69.95 for Eve Room.

They will be available in the Apple Online Store this July.


Apple has provided more details surrounding HomeKit, confirming that an Apple TV will be required to control your devices remotely (if you're not at home).

The support page on their site, also provides details about how to set up the range of devices.

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