4 cheap last minute Christmas gifts for kids under $25

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While we're unfortunately past the date to receive orders before Christmas (it's just 4 days away!), if you're still shopping for last minute Christmas gifts for kids in the family Walmart is a great place to check out right now.

They've dropped some additional deals and price cuts on toys for kids of all ages, and that includes everything from board games to action figures and more. But let's say you're on an even tighter budget like many of us out there, then I have some good news for you.

Many of the deals on toys Walmart is offering are as low as $5! So to help those parents out there strapped on cash, here's a quick list of some of best last minute Christmas gift ideas and toys for kids you can snag right now. Again, you may not receive these by Christmas if you ship them, but if you're lucky they may be available in your local store for pickup.

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Quick List

Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Kids

kinetic sand playset

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Kinetic Sand Playset

As a parent, the last thing you want to give you're kid is sand to play with – but hear me out. Kinetic Sand creates no messes thanks to its clumping feature.

It's a great little playset that lets kids create unique works of art with different color sand, and includes a sand swirler where they can combine sand in fun, colorful ways.

Designed for kids 3+, it's a fun "sciencey" toy that can get your kids engaged in both an artistic and creative way.

Kinetic Sand Swirl N' Surprise Playset – on sale for $19.97

gone fishin board game

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Gone Fishin'

Designed for ages 4+, Gone Fishin' is a fun little board game where you do exactly as the title says – you go fishin'!

Except there's no dangerous hooks or bait to use. The game spins slowly, with the goal of the game being to hook as many little plastic fish as you can before time runs out.

It's a great family game that offers tons of fun and loads of laughs.

Spin Master Gone Fishin' Board Game – on sale for $5

lego marvel shang chi playset

(Image credit: LEGO)

LEGO Marvel Shang-Chi Battle at the Ancient Village Playset

LEGO always brings out the creative side, and if you're kid is a fan of MARVEL than they may just love this one.

The main building set here is the dragon, which is both simple yet fun to put together. Since LEGO is rife with small plastic pieces, this set is ideal for ages 8+ or as a collectible set for someone older.

LEGO Marvel Shang-Chi Collectible Playset – on sale for $20

exploding minions card game

(Image credit: Exploding Kittens)

Exploding Minions Card Game

A variation of the Exploding Kittens card game, Exploding Minions takes all the fun of the original and puts a Minions spin onto it.

The game itself is an absolute blast to play, and is both family friendly and easy to pick up. It's perfect for family game nights or just as a quick, fun game for you and the kids to play anytime you want.

It's best for kids 7+, but smarter kids could easily pick it up as well.

Exploding Minions Card Game – on sale for $11.89

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