3 things I loved from the Microsoft Surface event

New Windows devices, plus a host of software updates were announced

The new Microsoft Surface family presented against a salmon backdrop
(Image credit: Microsoft)

The Microsoft Surface event has just taken place, unveiling the latest and greatest that the company has to offer. We saw the Microsoft Surface range get updated, the release of the Microsoft Audio Dock and a host of new software coming to Microsoft 365.

There was a lot there to unpack, and it's easy to have missed the little details in between the big announcements. With that in mind, here are three of my favourite little details from the Microsoft Surface event.

1. Apple integration on Windows 11

One of the issues with buying a Windows laptop is the lack of integration that can be had with your iPhone or iPad. The Apple and Microsoft ecosystems rarely play nicely, forcing users to pick sides and stick with it, or face an expensive mission to switch allegiances.

That might not be the case anymore though. Microsoft announced that the next update to Windows 11 will feature support for Apple software, such as iCloud Photos and Apple Music. That means, if you use an iPhone and want to pair your images on a Windows laptop, you can!

This could prove to be a ground breaking feature, allowing iPhone users who don't need mass interactivity with their laptop to use a Windows device. My fingers are firmly crossed – as someone more married to my MacBook than my iPhone, this doesn't change things for me, but similar changes in other areas could leave me free to change up my technology more freely. 

2. Updates take place at cleaner times

The Surface Laptop 5 is the flagship Microsoft laptop, and it got a fresh lick of paint this time out. This model sees an updated processor, providing an incredible speed upgrade.

One of the things you may have missed about the Surface Laptop 5, however, is a smart setting for actioning OS updates. The new device will look to run software updates when the energy in your local grid is cleanest, in turn reducing the environmental impact of upgrading your software.

It's a neat idea. Okay, it won't save the polar bears all by itself, but taking real steps to reduce the carbon footprint of a technology product is always an appealing prospect, providing it all still works without impacting the user.

3. AI-powered camera enhances video calling

AI-integration was a key theme at this event, with new image-creation software using the Dall-E platform to effortlessly create graphics. AI also made an appearance during the Surface Pro 9 segment, where new camera technology allows for automatic background blur and focussing.

That, combined with the ability to follow you as you move around within the field of view makes the camera on the Surface Pro 9 perfect for video calling. 

What's more, AI-integration in the sound system means that the Surface Pro 9 can isolate your voice and block out even the most annoying of background noises. 

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