3 reasons to choose the entry-level iPhone 15

The baby iPhone proves is still going to be a prodigious talent

Leaked dummies of the iPhone 15 range
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The iPhone 15 is only days away with the iPhone 15 Pro Max set to be Apple's next flagship device, but that's not the only model launching. The iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Plus and iPhone 15 are also expected (although probably not an iPhone Ultra) and it is the entry-level model that has piqued my interest as worth an upgrade this year.

Whether you're an iPhone 14 user looking to upgrade or aiming to switch from Android to iOS, here are 3 reasons to opt for the entry-level iPhone 15. 

1. Small but perfectly formed 

iPhone 15 dummies

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It's no secret that phones these days are much bigger than they used to be. Unless you're specifically looking for one of the best small phones then chances are you'll need some bigger pockets. The iPhone 14 Pro Max has a huge 6.7-inch screen and weighs 240g, whereas the standard iPhone 14 weighs 172g and has a  6.1-inch display. 

We expect the 15 range to have the same dimensions and although the weight of the Pro models may lessen (thanks to a titanium body) they will still likely be more than the cheapest model. Speaking of...

2. The price

Woman holding iPhone

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Not just pocket-friendly in terms of size, but it also won't sting your wallet as much as the other iPhone models.

Unfortunately, we will probably see a price rise across the board for iPhones this year. In the US the iPhone 14 base models weren't more expensive than the iPhone 13 models (they were £70 more in the UK). But even if a similar hike happens worldwide, it will still be easier to take than the Pro model's price. 

The Pro models were £150 more last year and another price hike is expected, but there hasn't been the same talk about the standard models.  

3. Camera upgrades

iPhone 15 smartphone

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One of the headline upgrades from Apple for this year is the rumoured periscope lens coming to the iPhone 15 Pro Max that will offer a vastly improved optical zoom. Sadly this looks like it won't be coming to the other models, but that's not to say it won't be improved.

It's pretty strongly believed that the 12MP sensors will be upgraded to 48MP variants, which should also make them capable of shooting in ProRaw. That's a pretty serious step up and more than enough for the average snapper. 

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