2 amazing cheap tent deals from Decathlon's summer sale – on now

4-man tent for under £300? Step this way

Decathlon 4-person Blackout Air tent
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The summer is almost here, and there's a big sale on at Decathlon to help you get kitted out with the essentials you need to make the most of it. Decathlon, and especially its own brand offerings like Quechua, is known for delivering surprisingly good quality and well designed products at very budget-friendly prices. 

There are discounts on a wide range of outdoor and sports gear of all kinds, but a standout there are a couple of tents that I think are standout options.These two tents are both 4-man, and almost exactly the same size. The Decathlon one has air poles and blackout fabric in the bedroom, while the Regatta has traditional poles and offers slightly more head height. The Regatta also has a much bigger discount, although the fact it was a higher price originally means it's still more expensive than the Decathlon one in this sale (but you're theoretically getting a higher quality product). Check them out below.

I've tested a few Decathlon products and have been consistently impressed for what they offer for such a low cost. For outdoorsy people on a budget, those who only want something for casual or occasional use, or people looking for bits and bobs for festivals, Decathlon would probably be my number one pick. 

If you're not after a tent, I've also spotted an excellent offer on a cheap waterproof jacket (the Highton Pro hiking jacket is £105 down to £68.25) and a beach tent (Regatta beach shelter down from £40 to £27.95). But I'm getting side-tracked. Here are those tent deals:

Decathlon 4-person Blackout Air tent| was £329.99, now £299.99 at Decathlon (save £30)

Decathlon 4-person Blackout Air tent| was £329.99, now £299.99 at Decathlon (save £30)
This 4-person air pole tent is already significantly cheaper than other inflatable options, and has had a further discount. It boasts a blackout bedroom to stop the sun from waking you up at the crack of dawn, and a living area you can stand up in. For just under £300, that's incredible value.

I've tested another of Decathlon's budget friendly tents – head to my Quechua 2 Seconds Easy Fresh & Black popup tent review for the full low-down, but in short I was extremely impressed with the blackout fabric (the same as is used here) and functional design. It appears in T3's best tent guide and tops our best festival tent ranking too. 

Regatta Karuna 4-man tunnel tent| was £505, now £353.45 at Decathlon (save £152)

Regatta Karuna 4-man tunnel tent| was £505, now £353.45 at Decathlon (save £152)
If air poles aren't your thing, this Regatta 4-man tent has a 30% discount in the Decathlon summer sale. There's room to stand up inside, a darkened (but not blackout) bedroom that can be divided into two, and a spacious living area with transparent windows. It's basically the same size as the Decathlon option, although you do get a bit more headroom here.

For more deals from Decathlon, head to our Decathlon discount codes page. 

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