Build rock-solid abs at home in 10 minutes with this bodyweight workout

Get shredded abs fast with this fast-paced core workout – no equipment required!

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Everyone is obsessed about having a six-pack, including us, hence why we can't get enough of quick ab workouts that promise quick results. And while everyone knows that you'll need to pay attention to your diet in order to reveal those abs, it's true that you also need workouts to accentuate your core muscles. The good news is that ab workouts don't have to take long – just look at this one; it's only 10 minutes!

Adding abdominal exercises into your fitness routine can offer numerous benefits, such as reducing lower back pain by preventing you from protruding too far forward. Another benefit is better posture as your spine is propped up. Abdominal exercises can also improve functional strength and endurance, which will enable you to perform a range of motions and physical activities.

In this workout by German fitness superstar Pamela Reif, we're invited to complete several abdominal exercises that should be completed for 30 seconds, each with no rest periods. It's an intense but, thankfully, short workout that targets the lower and upper as well as the obliques. The exercises:

  • Crunch & leg lift 
  • Crunch & 1-leg lift 
  • Starfish & willi knife 
  • Starfish hold & cross touch 
  • Shoulder tap & cross crunch 
  • Spider & cross crunch 
  • Foot tap out & spider 
  • V-sit up, right 
  • Lifted ab hold 
  • V-sit up, left   
  • Reach out & tuck in
  • Sitting lift & opener 
  • Ab hold 
  • Reverse crunch circles 
  • Scissor kicks 
  • Touch behind 1 knee 
  • Yay- ab hold 
  • Hold & tiny crunches 
  • Starfish & tuck in 
  • Hold it for Willi 
  • Plank

Found this workout a bit too intense? Maybe trying this 3-exercise ab workout is a more suitable alternative. If you have any burning questions about ab workouts, rest assured we have the answers. For example, we can tell you how long an ab workout should last; it's definitely shorter than a full-body workout!

One highly useful piece of exercise equipment that can help you perform more advanced abdominal exercises is resistance bands. Here, we’ve reviewed and ranked the best resistance bands to help you make the right buying decision. If you fancy tracking your ab workouts, have a look at the best Fitbits; these are the best fitness trackers to monitor performance indoors.

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