Reduce back pain with this 10-minute bodyweight posture-correcting workout

This low-impact, gentle stretching session can straighten the shoulders and reduce back pain after a long day in the office

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You'll love this low-impact yoga routine if you have a sedentary work life and experience discomfort in your lower back. In only 10 minutes, your shoulders will feel less stiff, and your vertebrae more mobile. This home stretching session aims to improve your overall posture and increase your flexibility, and all that is required is an exercise mat for comfort. Ready? Let's go!

In only 10 minutes, Mady takes us through many yoga poses that focus on opening your shoulders, expanding the chest and mobilising the spine. The aim is to improve your overall posture and increase your flexibility. All that is required is an exercise mat for comfort. Each exercise should last for 30 seconds with a 10-seconds in between. The exercises:

  • Mindful shoulder circles 
  • Angel wings 
  • Cat cow 
  • Thoracic rotation (Right) 
  • Thoracic rotation (Left) 
  • Extended puppy pose 
  • Sphinx 
  • Locust pose 
  • Shoulder Stretch (Right) 
  • Shoulder Stretch (Left) 
  • Neck stretch 
  • Heart opener & easy twist 
  • Dynamic camel & leg shake 
  • Shoulder bridge 
  • Deep relaxation 

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