Reduce back pain and improve hip mobility with this 15-minute workout

Try this stress relief class from Ashley Galvin (T3-exclusive workout)

Ashley Galvin stress-busting yoga flow
(Image credit: Ashley Galvin/ALO Moves)

There are many body parts we don't look after, but our back and hips are certainly at the top of the list of ignored areas. Having a strong back and mobile hips mean we can exist more comfortably, which can reduce unnecessary stress levels and make us feel comfortable in our skin. And you can do both (strengthen back, open up hips) with this 15-minute Vinyasa yoga flow from renowned Alo Moves Instructor Ashley Galvin!

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Ashley Galvin

Ashley Galvin is a yoga instructor based in Southern California. Inspired by the healthy lifestyle of her parents, she embarked on a journey to learn more about nutrition and the benefits of active living. Determined to help empower others through yoga, she began teaching in 2011 and has since taught workshops, retreats, and classes all over the world. Her strong, dynamic flows help cultivate body awareness, empower others to embrace their unique gifts, and give students a deep understanding of their yoga practice.

Ashley will help you warm up with hip-opening stretches like Child’s Pose and Low Lunge before working through moves like Triangle Pose, Half Split, and Double Pigeon. You’ll end your practice down on the mat with some feel-good spinal twists to cool down. You can see the T3-exclusive workout video below:

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