Forget dumbbells – Build full-body strength with this 15-minute bodyweight workout

Jump, lunge and side-step your body in shape for the new year!

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As we said many times before, getting fit doesn't have to cost much. In fact, it doesn't have to cost anything; observe this 15-minute NFL-inspired workout that'll see you jump, lunge, quick step and pick your knees up in quick succession to help prevent injury, improve muscle strength and increase explosiveness. But enough waffling; let Alo Moves Instructor Louis Chandler show you how to train like a pro using bodyweight-only exercises!

Alo Moves instructor Louis Chandler doing a workout
Louis Chandler

Louis Chandler is a personal trainer who is a firm believer in not only the physical benefits of training but also the mental. He has worked with some of the top athletes, models, and actors in L.A. and incorporates a mix of strength training, HIIT, and cardio workouts with his clients’ regimens as well as his own.

Originally intended as a 15-minute NFL-inspired training session, the head trainer at the Alo Wellness Club, Louis Chandler, will teach you the key techniques he’s used to train professional and D1 athletes to get them ready for the season. Louis’ workout will touch on the 4 main focus areas to help get your body in shape for game time. Ready to get going? Play the video below, and let's do this!

15-minute NFL-inspired home workout by Louis Chandler

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