Get a full-body pump in just 10 minutes with this no-equipment home workout

This high-intensity workout will see you move around quickly to help burn fat as fast as possible

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HIIT, or High-Intensity Interval Training, is a fun but challenging type of workout with several benefits, such as burning calories, boosting cardiovascular health and raising your aerobic and anaerobic performance levels. In this workout hosted by fitness trainer Natalie White, we’re shown six exercises performed for 50 seconds each and repeated twice.

This workout only requires an exercise mat – you can find the best yoga mat deals below – for comfort and to ensure good form and is suitable for all ages and levels. The breakdown of the exercises ar as follows:

  • Warm-up
  • Jog on the spot (20 seconds) 
  • Squats (20 seconds) 
  • Main exercises (10-second rest in between)
  • Straight and drunk mountain climbers (50 seconds) 
  • Jump squat/half a turn (50 seconds) 
  • Inchworm push-up (50 seconds)
  • Squatted heel-raise position (50 seconds) 
  • Leg circles clockwise (50 seconds) 
  • Leg circles anti-clockwise (50 seconds) 
  • Repeat the above exercises twice
  • Cool down
  • Seated stretch 
  • Downward dog/cha-cha step

If you feel confident about going further with HIIT, we suggest taking on this 20-minute dumbbell HIIT workout to help you lose weight, boost your metabolism and shift weight. As for those seasoned HIIT pros, we have a special ultimate HIIT workout curated by expert PT Keith McNiven. Additionally, we also have an excellent fat-burning HIIT workout from fitness guru Julia Buckley.

HIIT workouts are hugely demanding and, as such, place a heavy burden on your feet; if you’re experiencing discomfort or even injuries, then we recommend checking out our list of the best cross-training shoes we’ve tried this year. As we know, HIIT classes engage a lot of different health metrics such as steps, heart rate and burned calories.

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