Captain Marvel star Brie Larson's exercise video is the only full-body workout I need

It's different, effective and 100% more entertaining than most things I've seen from fitness influencers online

Screenshot from Disney's Captain Marvel movie featuring Brie Larson
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I like celebrity workouts and exercise routines by fitness influencers, but even I admit they can be a bit boring after a while. You'll see the same basic exercises performed the same way, same sets, same reps... yawn! I was idly browsing Youtube, searching for the next workout I could try, when I came across this session by Captain Marvel star Brie Larson. I knew she trained hard for the role, and I was also aware she was quite fit, so I knew I wouldn't be disappointed!

In this video, we're shown several warm-up stretches, muscle and tone-building exercises using our bodyweight and light dumbbells and two warm-down stretches to finish off. To complete this workout, you’ll need an exercise mat, pair of light dumbbells, resistance bands and a pull-up bar. There are no prescribed sets or rests; go as hard as you wish!

I have a set of resistance bands at home, so I used those instead of dumbbells. Resistance bands are a cost-effective and portable alternative to dumbbells and kettlebells while still being great for strength-building. They place less stress on your muscles and joints than weights which helps users undergoing injury rehabilitation. They also offer enormous versatility as you can work all muscle groups in your body simultaneously, thereby being great for compound exercises.

To learn more about resistance bands and different home weights, check out T3's best resistance bands, best dumbbells and best adjustable dumbbell guides. In the guides, we not only listed the best home gym equipment available in each category but also provided buying advice about picking the right one for you. Resistance bands can also support you during pull-ups!

Speaking of pull-ups: Brie performs a pull-up hold exercise in the video, which is a simple but challenging exercise to try (at least, for me). However, it can help strengthen back muscles, such as the latissimus dorsi and trapezius. Pull-ups can also strengthen your biceps, triceps and deltoids as well. Consistently performing pull-ups can improve your grip strength which is beneficial for racket and bodyweight sports such as rock climbing. Here is our full explainer: how to master pull-ups. The rest of the exercises mentioned in the video are:

  • Warm-up stretches
  • Warrior pose 
  • Deep squat 
  • Exercises
  • Shoulder pendulum 
  • Resistance band external rotation 
  • Lateral plank 
  • Body roll flexion to extension 
  • Straight leg hip thrust on bench 
  • Banded straight leg eccentric squat 
  • Straight leg aeroplanes 
  • Stretches
  • Cat stretch
  • Supine spinal twist

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