Forget dumbbells – This no-equipment home workout will build back muscles in just 10 minutes

One zero equipment back workout to rule them all

Strong woman doing push ups on a mat
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Back exercises shouldn't be neglected in your workout schedule, as overly concentrating on chest exercises or shoulder workouts can potentially lead to upper-crossed syndrome, the rounding of the shoulders and the head leaning forward – you don't want that! Instead, try this 10-minute not-equipment home workout to strengthen the back and straighten your shoulders.

Your back consists of large and small muscles, such as the latissimus dorsi and rhomboid, that need to operate together when performing exercises while supporting your spine. Including the best back exercises in your workouts can help improve your posture, prevent debilitating lower back pain and enhance your range of motion.

In this workout by American fitness trainer Eleni Demos, we’re tasked with completing several back exercises that should be completed for 30-seconds each with no rest periods. Only an exercise mat is required to perform these exercises which will help strengthen and tone your back muscles. Each exercise should last for 30 seconds with no rest periods:

  • Back squeeze to extend (R)
  • Back squeeze to extend (L) 
  • Side plank back squeeze (R)
  • Sid plank back squeeze (L) 
  • Plank row 
  • Superman pull-to extend 
  • Arm & leg lift (R)
  • Arm & leg lift (L)
  • Dolphin 
  • Butterfly 
  • Commandos 
  • Seated back squeeze to extend 
  • Scapula push up 
  • Push up on knees 
  • Locust pose 
  • Reverse plank reach 
  • Snow angel 
  • Pike dip into cobra 
  • 90-degree flys 
  • Bird dog

Mastered this routine and looking for something more advanced? Check out this 5-minute dumbbell home workout. For those who don’t own any weights but have a pull-up bar, we recommend trying this 5-minute pull-up workout that will put your back muscles to the test. Although it's not necessary, you might want to consider getting a pair of workout shoes for added comfort during your workouts.

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