5 tips going viral on TikTok that will help spring clean your home

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Whilst there's nothing more satisfying than having an annual spring clean once the warmer season hits, it can be hard knowing where to start or how to begin. If you didn't know already, TikTok is a great place to find tips and tricks you may not have thought of before. In fact, there's currently over 18,700 posts with the hashtags and 322.5 million views under #springclean, so there's lots to be found! 

With this in mind, we spoke to the experts at Yell who shared their favourite top tips and hacks on how best to spring clean your home in 2024. From organisational hacks to systematic methods, keep reading to find out the current spring cleaning trends that can help you transform your space into a freshly cleaned and less cluttered environment. 

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1. Learn how to spot clutter

It's important to learn how to spot clutter when it comes to spring cleaning your home to ensure a quicker and more efficient cleaning process. This can apply to any item that you might not actually need, or anything you are keeping ‘just because’ or through obligation. 

Clutter can grow exponentially through bad habits or even guilt, and result in a build-up of dust and dirt in difficult-to-reach places due to excessive amounts of clutter. If you take the time to regularly sort and discard of unnecessary objects, you can easily release any of it from your home before it creates an irritating build-up and makes your spring cleaning journey more difficult. 

2. Create a spring cleaning checklist

Lists are always a great place to start when it comes to spring cleaning your home. This way, you can plan and map out as much as you want to get done within certain time frames. When we step into a dirty or cluttered room, our brains are immediately overstimulated which makes it difficult to focus. It’s easy to get distracted whilst clearing out and cleaning when you start doing five things at once. 

A key tip is to make a list of every room in your house. When you enter the room make a list of everything that needs to be both cleaned and decluttered. Take on one room at a time and tick off each section of the room as you clean. 

With a checklist handy, you can focus on one thing at a time, taking you through a more structured approach to your spring clean. It not only keeps you as organised as possible but gives a great sense of achievement as you tick off each item on your list.

3. The 20/20 rule

The need to hold onto too many items, otherwise known as the 'just in case' items can really impact your spring cleaning and make the task much more difficult. When struggling to make decluttering decisions, consider using the 20/20 rule. 

When coming across 'just in case' items, you need to ask two questions: can this be replaced for under £20 or less? and can I replace this item in 20 minutes or less? If the answer is yes to both of these questions, it’s time to get rid. If the answer is yes to one of these, then take more time to consider if it’s easily replaceable and if you have the space to keep it in the meantime. 

4. Don’t hold onto anything that doesn't align with your current lifestyle

Take an inventory of everything that you own, from the spare chair you have cluttering up your hallway or the winter jacket that you haven’t worn in five years. Assess each of them individually and ask yourself if they align with your current lifestyle, does it bring you joy and does it serve a purpose. If it’s not seasonal and you haven’t used it in the last 6 months, it may be time to consider getting rid of it. 

This also applies to keeping things just because they were expensive - sorry to break it to you, but that money has been and gone. If you don’t use it anymore, consider donating it or if you want to make back that expense consider selling it or a re-sale site. 

5. Get organised 

Cleaning your house in preparation for spring is far easier when your home is organised. Although moving items from one place to another seems slightly redundant, utilising storage spaces is a great way to organise and sort things out that you want to hang onto but don’t necessarily need to be in your house. 

This way, your home can only have things in it that are needed, making it easier to keep on top of your regular cleaning activities. By staying on top of your organisation, cleaning your home will feel less stressful and can be done quickly and easily. This way, you can have a clear and organised home that’s the peaceful and calming space it should be.

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