2 dumbbells, 10 minutes and this full body workout to get fit at home

Try this quick and effective home workout anywhere, anytime, and get fit fast

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Short, intense workouts are the best home workouts for people pressed on time – and this workout is one of the best quick full-body workouts we've seen in a while! Better still, it only requires an exercise mat, a small set of dumbbells (here is a guide to the best dumbbells and best adjustable dumbbells) and maybe a jump rope to complete, although the latter is only used for the warm-up and can be replaced with other exercises such as running on the spot/quick step.

This workout mirrors HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workouts and can deliver enormous benefits such as increasing your VO2 max level (a measure of the amount of oxygen your body can consume during exercise), boosting metabolism and could even help you lose weight (reduce body fat %). So, without further ado, get ready to sweat!

In the above video,  Australian personal trainer Kayla Itsines shows us an intense 10-minute full-body workout. Each exercise lasts for 20-30 seconds with no rests in between, so be prepared to persevere through this challenging workout! The exercises are as follows:

  • Goblet squat (20 seconds)
  • Side plank & oblique crunch (20 seconds per side) 
  • Repeat 2 sets 
  • Russian twists (20 seconds)
  • Kneel-to-jump-squat (30 seconds) 
  • Repeat 2 sets 
  • Curl & Press (30 seconds) 
  • Bent-over row & reverse fly (30 seconds)
  • Repeat 2 sets 
  • Flutter kicks (20 seconds)
  • X plank (20 seconds)
  • Repeat 2 sets 
  • Skipping rope jumps (60 seconds) 

Looking to go further with HIIT? We’ve created a 4-part full-body workout that combines running, HIIT and callisthenics. Keen on some expert advice? Here is the best HIIT workout anyone and everyone can do at home. For those who are time-pressed and/or have sensitive neighbours, we recommend checking out this 7-minute no-jump full-body workout which will help you burn calories without causing potential annoyance. 

Experiencing discomforting blisters or injuries during HIIT workouts? We’ve ranked the best workout shoes that offer the necessary support to protect you from injuries and help you get the maximum benefit from your workout. 

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