The best sleep tech to help you get quality shut-eye tonight

6 slumber-tastic gadgets to ensure you wake up refreshed and ready for anything

Great sleep is something we should all invest in for improved wellbeing, yet nourishing shut-eye can be hard to come by in our fast-paced society.

Your bedroom environment – a room that's too hot or too cold, too light or too noisy – can affect the quality and duration of your sleep. As can your diet and your approach to sleep hygiene (the things you do and think about in the hour before heading to bed).

Luckily, there are some sweet gadgets around to help you fix your immediate sleep issues, leaving you to look into any underlying problems that may need a more longterm solution. For now, here's our pick of the six best sleep gadgets you can buy today...

Smeg BLF01 Blender

Good sleep begins at breakfasttime, especially with green smoothies that are loaded with magnesium-rich foods – a mineral proven to help relieve insomnia. Smeg's 800W, Fifties-style blender provides ample power to blend both fresh and frozen foods, while four speeds and a pulse mode lend extra clout. Because it has a dedicated smoothie function, you can simply throw in your ingredients (think spinach, almond milk and avocado) and blend.

Juvo Sleep System

Monitor your sleep, in real-time, with this non-wearable device that learns your slumber routine and bedroom environment. It features a contactless sensor mat that slips under your mattress to monitor heart rate, breathing and movement during the night. When it's nearing your time to rise, a Smart Alarm function (accessed via the Juvo app) wakes you at the lightest point of your cycle to avoid morning grogginess.

Price: $199 (£154) | Buy Juvo Sleep System

Smart Nora

Shipping this November, the Nora sits on your partner's bedside table and connects to an inflatable cushion positioned beneath their pillow. When the built-in mic detects snoring, it tells the cushion to inflate, gently causing your partner to stir. As a result, their throat muscles relax, they breathe normally again and the snoring ceases.

Price: $300 (£232) | Buy Smart Nora

Misfit Shine 2: Swimmer's Edition

Not only does swimming help you wind down after a busy day, it also targets your major muscle groups, tiring them out for a night of deep sleep. Misfit's latest swim tracker keep tabs on your laps, distance and calories burned, as well as your shut-eye (it measures light and restful sleep). Data is shared with the Misfit app, so you can clearly see how a swim promotes better sleep.

Price: £98 | Buy Misfit Shine 2 Swimmer's Edition


Cheat your way to a sleep-inducing mindset with Thync, a wearable that helps you achieve instant calm. How? By stimulating nerves on your head and neck with low-level electrical pulses to slow the production of stress. Via an app, you can choose from either 20-minute Sleep or Good Night programs to help you drift off peacefully.

Price: $199 (£154) | Buy Thync

Witti Beddi

This programmable alarm clock with smartphone dock has a built-in white-noise generator, ideal for blocking out din coming from elsewhere in your home and outside. The Witti Beddi has a customisable mood-lighting strip that creates a soothing glow for your side of the bed. Via an app, you can program the white noise, mood lighting and clock display to cease after a set period of time. And the Beddi will help you rise and shine, too, thanks to a sunlight simulator.

Price: $100 (£77) | Buy Witti Beddi