Why you should think long-term when choosing your new household appliance

Miele prioritises quality and efficiency to deliver appliances that are good for you and for the planet

Miele appliances
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When it comes to buying a new appliance, choosing an option that doesn't just improve your quality of life but also uses less energy, costs less to run and is built to last will benefit both you and the planet. Miele builds appliances for customers who look for eco-friendliness, genuine quality, smart technology and outstanding performance. 

Its washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers are built to not only excel at the job you need them to do, but to last year after year, operating as efficiently as the day you bought them. Read on for three reasons why they're such a smart purchasing decision.

1. Built to last

Miele is obsessed with quality that lasts – even in the most demanding households. The company puts its appliances through a rigorous testing process that replicates the equivalent of 20 years of use. That includes running its washing machines on a 95-degrees cottons programme for 10,000 hours (equivalent to five washes a week for 20yrs), and opening and closing its dishwasher doors 100,000 times (13 times a day for 20 years). They are also designed to maintain their performance, so you're getting the same energy efficiency and savings in 20 years' time as you are on day one.

Its assurances are backed up by independent testers, too. In 2021, Which? estimated Miele’s average washing machine lifespan at over 21 years.

Miele appliances

(Image credit: Miele)

2. Smart technology for efficient performance

Every Miele appliance is designed to conserve energy and natural resources – which means they're cheaper to run, too. Miele washing machines, rated A for energy efficiency, boast many smart features to support this efficient performance. For example, automatic load recognition will intelligently adjust the amount of water used based on the size of the load, while TwinDos – precision automatic dispensing – means you'll use up to 30 per cent less detergent.

You'll find similar features in Miele's dishwasher range. The Auto Programme uses as little as 6L of fresh water (that's less than a sinkful!), while AutoDos Powerdisk saves you from wasting unnecessary detergent. A cooler final rinse and AutoOpen Drying feature work together to produce superior drying effects using less energy, too.

Miele's Heat Pump Tumble Dryer range is also intelligently crafted for ultimate efficiency, using 58% less energy* and costing less than £2.50 per month to run**! These machines will automatically stop tumbling as soon as the clothes are dry. 

Miele appliances

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Of course, all this is not at the expense of doing the job they're meant to do. Miele's appliances are designed to take great care of their contents, whether that's washing your clothes more gently so they stay like-new for longer, or cleaning your glasses so they maintain their brilliance. 

3. Better for the planet

Miele takes its responsibility for our planet extremely seriously. Sustainability has been part of the brand's corporate DNA since it launched in 1899, which means by now it's second nature, and is a key driving force behind all of the brand's decision-making.

As well as prioritising energy efficiency and ensuring its appliances last for years to come, Miele is helping to lower its impact on the planet in terms of production, repair and disposal too. Miele's appliances are designed to be easily repairable, so you can fix rather than replace. That doesn't just apply to new models, either – Miele keeps 90 per cent of spare parts for up to 15 years after each model's last production, to ensure older appliances can stay running effectively for longer. Plus, its machines are made from only high-grade materials that can easily be recycled.

It’s no surprise that 16 of Miele's washing machines have been awarded the new Which? Eco Buy accolade – the first of its kind to scrutinise the sustainability of appliances taking into account things like repairability, energy efficiency and water usage.

Browse the full Miele range at John Lewis and Partners online, or head in store if it's safe to do so.

*vs. Miele condenser dryer
**based on Miele’s heat pump annual KWH & average cost of UK electricity KWH


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