UA's SlipSpeed are workout shoes you have to see to believe

Perfect for those who life to get their money's worth, UA's innovation is the perfect trainers for uni students

Under Armour US SlipSpeed workout shoes
(Image credit: Matt Kollat/T3)

I'm lucky enough to be sent a large number of things, many of which I get around testing and reviewing in due course. On occasions, though, I end up not finding the time to even unbox the products I've been sent, which has been the case with Under Armour's unique UA SlipSpeed workout shoes that – I kid you not – convert into slippers.

This might have been a blessing in disguise. As it happens, this is the fourth week of T3's back to class month, and the theme is workout gear, and the SlipSpeed is almost the perfect trainers for uni students who like to get their money's worth (which is all of them), thanks to its shapeshifting ability. But the SlipSpeed isn't just a one trick pony. No, it has a lot going for it, hence why I'm seriously considering adding it to our best workout shoes guide.

Let's quickly go through what makes the SlipSpeed such a unique footwear. It has the same UA Flow midsole as many of Under Armour's best running shoes, including the Under Armour Velociti Elite, and combines it with workout ready tech, such as Iso-Chill. Better still, the shoes have a BOA Fit System, dispersing the pressure on the top of the foot evenly, and add the new “crushable” heel design.

Admittedly, this heel design is what sets the UA SlipSpeed apart from the competition. It's one of those technologies that you have to experience to believe. It's strange at first, but it works; once your down with the heavy lifting, you can loosen the BOA fastening, drop the heels and you're ready to recover.

“What we have created with UA SlipSpeed is a trainer that not only adjusts to fit your specific footwear needs any time of the day, but also still packs in some of our biggest performance innovations like UA Flow and UA Iso-Chill for optimum training,” said Marcus Cheatham, Director of Product, Special Teams at Under Armour.

Under Armour US SlipSpeed workout shoes

(Image credit: Matt Kollat/T3)

But wait, there is more! The shoes are also machine washable, which I know will be appealing to students even more as it expands the lifecycle of the shoes. After all, you can lob the SlipSpeeds into your bag before you head home for the break and let your parents wash them. You'll be ready to crush even more workouts when you're back!

While you might think these insanely versatile workout trainers are horrendously expensive, I'll have you know they are pretty competitively priced at £135/ $150 at Under Armour UK and Under Armour US. And that's for two pieces of footwear, really. Sign me up! (If you need something more hardcore, try the Under Armour Reign Lifter Training Shoes.)

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