The latest iOS 17 beta has made a change I'm furious about

The operating system should launch with the iPhone 15 and will be available on older devices too

The iPhone 13 running iOS 17, showing the changed position of the call button
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While the iPhone 15 is expected to launch sometime next month, it's not the only upgrade which users will get. These events are usually packed full of all sorts of software and hardware updates.

One of those is iOS 17. The latest update to Apple's phone operating system looks set to bring a host of useful upgrades, like Contact Posters and changes to the AirDrop functionality.

The system is currently in beta testing. During that time, one feature has really riled up the iPhone user base more than any other – the changed position of the end call button. After years of being sat centrally at the bottom of the device, Apple opted to move it to the right hand side of a six-button grid. The internet was not best pleased.

Controversially, I really enjoyed it. I pretty much always take calls with the device in my right hand, so the positioning was perfect for quickly hanging up at the end. It also just looked more sleek and in keeping with the Apple aesthetic in general.

Which is why I'm really sad to see that it won't be sticking around for long. As part of iOS 17 beta 6, the button has moved again. It reverts back to a central position this time, on the bottom row of the same six-button grid.

Now look, I'm well aware this isn't a game-changing feature – we're talking about a centimetre or so difference. But as someone who found the right-hand positioning beneficial, it feels like a step backwards.

I'd love to see it become a user-configurable option in the future, though I won't hold my breath. For most people, the central position is the preferred option and I suspect that will be good enough for Apple.

The only other change worthy of note comes in the iMessage app. That got a redesign in iOS 17, which changes how the apps for adding things like photos is accessed.

Users we're slightly miffed that adding images to messages now took a couple of extra steps – you had to click the plus button and then photos rather than just the gallery icon. Now, if you tap and hold the plus button, the gallery selection will appear. Sure it's not quite as seamless as it was in iOS 16, but it's a decent enough compromise.

If you want to test out this and all of the other new features in iOS 17, you can! Check out this guide for details of how to sign up to the beta version.

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