The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is almost certainly coming in 2023 – here's why

Call me a clairvoyant, but I'm sure a new version of Apple's rugged wearable will be announced in September

Apple Watch Ultra running WatchOS 10
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Apple's approach to not even tease its new products ahead of its big reveal is an excellent way to create hype. It also leaves an information vacuum that people tend to fill with rumours and speculation. This is definitely the case with the Apple Watch Ultra 2; however, I'm almost sure it'll be announced on 12 September at the BIG Apple Launch event.

You see, although there isn't any information coming from Apple itself, if you look closely enough, it's not that hard to guess the inevitable (a.k.a. the launch of new products). One telltale sign to look out for is the price of the soon-to-be predecessor of the wearable, the original Apple Watch Ultra. What many consider the best Apple Watch was discounted 21% off at Amazon UK over the weekend, selling for only £669 – bargain!

Apple Watch Ultra

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This is a huge price drop – the previous lowest at Amazon was around £770 – and it only happened recently, meaning that it could be an effort on Apple's part to clear their stock of the Ultra before the new version is launched. As you might know, Apple only sells its latest wearable generation on its website; if you want to buy any of the previous generation models, you must do so via third-party retailers.

It's an important detail and one that gives away the intentions of the Cupertino-based tech giant, albeit unwillingly. Apple's approach to only selling its latest wearables means it needs to clear the redundant stock before the new watch goes on sale. Otherwise, they'd be left with tons of products they can only sell via retailers, which always involves paying commissions. They are best off shifting the stock before the launch of the successor.

Of course, there is always a chance that the price drop is coincidental. We'll soon find out as the big reveal event is fast approaching. We'll 100% catch the first glimpse of the Apple Watch Series 9, which hopefully will sport a new chip to make it quicker and more energy efficient. I can only hope I'll also get to see the Apple Watch Ultra 2 with its 3D-printed digital crown in black.

Matt Kollat
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