Sky broadband offer: Superfast internet for £25 p/m will supercharge your online life

Whether you're working from home or you've started gaming during lockdown, Sky's Superfast internet is for you

Sky Broadband deals
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Sky is known predominantly for its TV and movie services, but it also provides super-speedy broadband at great value prices. 

This latest deal from the company shows why: its Superfast fibre broadband package, offering guaranteed 59 Mbps speeds, has been reduced to just £25 per month. That's just £3 more than Sky's standard 11Mbps package. 

Sky's lightning-fast 59Mbps download speeds also come with its "Speed Guarantee". As the name implies, Speed Guarantee protects your purchase, ensuring your broadband will be super fast and hassle-free. If the broadband service isn't as advertised, you'll get money back - effectively providing insurance for your download speed. Its companion WiFi Guarantee also ensures you'll pick up a signal in every room of your house. 

Daily line checks and Sky's Broadband Buddy app, ensuring parental internet controls and limiters, are the icing on the cake. Sky has gone a long way towards not only creating a great broadband service, but ensuring it performs as advertised. If you've picked up online gaming during lockdown, or you'll be working from home for long periods and you've figured out your internet's in dire need of an upgrade, you need assurance your connection will support your lifestyle. 

Both the Superfast and Superfast + Broadband deals run for 18 months and include a setup fee of £19.95 and £39.95 respectively. Check out the deal in full below:

Sky Superfast Fibre Broadband | 59 Mbps | £25 per month | 18 month contract | £19.95 setup fee | Available now

Sky Superfast Fibre Broadband | 59 Mbps | £25 per month | 18 month contract | £19.95 setup fee | Available now
It does what it says on the tin: Superfast broadband for not very much money, with a guaranteed minimum speed from Sky for all customers. Pretty brilliant, really.

So, if you're in the market for an upgraded broadband and TV setup, look no further than what Sky is offering for a limited time. 

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