The best Philips Hue Motion Sensor deals in September 2018

Bringing you the best price for the Philips Hue Motion Sensor

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The Philips Hue motion sensor is a great addition to your Philips Hue lit home, making life even easier than any switch or app could. But how much is the diminutive Hue sensor? Do you really need one? We're here to answer all your questions. 

If you're yet to buy any Philips Hue lights, you won't have much use for this yet, but head on over to our Philips Hue starter kit deals page and we'll hook you up for the lowest price. Philips Hue lights aren't known for being cheap, but the the motion sensor is surprisingly affordable.

Voice and mobile controls are all well and good for your Philips Hue bulbs and lights, but nothing says 'home of the future' quite like the true hands-free approach. Well, that and robot butlers.

It's not all about just having a Philips Hue motion sensor because they're cool though, they're also incredibly practical and can make your home safer. If you often have to stumble towards a light switch in the dark -when you come home at night, or when making your way to the bathroom for example- then a Hue motion sensor can be placed somewhere to turn your Philips Hue lights on to light your way as soon as it sees you.

The built-in light sensor ensures the sensor won't set your lights off when you wonder past during the day and sensitivity settings can be altered if you do/don't want them to come on when it's a bit murky outside - like a standard British August if you will.

The Philips Hue Motion Sensor runs on AAA batteries, meaning you can put it anywhere, without having to hard-wire it into the walls. So you could tuck it somewhere discrete out of the way on the floor or maybe on a table by the door or on a window sill. Just don't have it somewhere a pet will be setting it off all night.