James Bond style: How to dress like 007

From impeccable tailoring to casual wear, here's how you can get super-spy suited and booted

James Bond style
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Life would be better if every man knew how to dress like James Bond. No other franchise has done so much for men's style across 60 years and 25 films. From Sean Connery's white dinner jacket to Brosnan's Brioni Italian numbers—by way of Roger Moore's safari suits (okay maybe not) and Timothy Dalton's Top Gear-style outfits (okay, definitely not)—cinema and literature's most famous spy is never anything less than impeccably dressed. 

With No Time To Die out this year, Daniel Craig's fifth and allegedly final Bond film, we at T3 examine how Bond does it and the tips you need to make his style work for you. For both formal and casual settings, higher and lower budgets, Bond has a few fashion tips to impart, and certainly plenty of advice on James Bond watch-wearing. 

Apologies to fans of Roger Moore's 70s chest-revealing, wide-collared shirts: we're mainly recounting the Craig era, as this is a guide for the modern man. High fashion? More like spy fashion.

James Bond style: formal wear

Bond has always been decked out in designer gear. Because of the iconic nature of the films, brands frankly fall over themselves, fighting tooth and nail to wrap Daniel Craig in Swiss tailored suits and Italian leather. 

Consequently, whether walking into a casino for a high-stakes game of poker or attending an intimate dinner with a megalomaniac, Craig never looks less than stellar. 

Craig's suits excel in two key areas: the fabric and the fit. They need to be lightweight enough to at least look like he's able to dive around when a gunfight breaks out and well-fitted to ensure he's mobile enough while doing so. Have you ever worn an ill-fitting suit and raised your arms up to shoulder height, only to have half the suit rise up as well? Can't be having that in a gunfight.

For your own suit jackets, you need to ensure the shoulder has a straight slope, as seen on Craig in the scene above, and the seam between shoulder and sleeve hits the corner of your shoulder exactly. In Spectre Craig opts for Tom Ford's O'Connor two-button suit jacket in a slim fit, retailing at £1,368. Which, believe it or not, is almost half price. Check it out below:

Tom Ford Navy O'Connor Slim-Fit Wool Suit Jacket | was£2,280 | now £1,368 at Mr Porter

Tom Ford Navy O'Connor Slim-Fit Wool Suit Jacket | was £2,280 | now £1,368 at Mr Porter
The classic two-button slim-ft worn by Daniel Craig in Spectre, chosen by Christoph Waltz's sinister Blofeld. A structured blazer with shoulder padding for the perfect straight cut, it's made from a light 230-gram wool, keeping Craig cool take after take. 

Craig wore it so well that he also opts for the same jacket in No Time To Die, except in a grey Prince of Wales check. He (or his stylist) cleverly picked this suit when meeting Prince Charles on the Pinewood Studios set of the film, as a subtle nod to HRH's title.

Tom Ford Prince of Wales checked Grey O'Connor Slim-Fit Wool Suit Jacket | was £2,280 | now £1,368 at Mr Porter

Tom Ford Prince of Wales checked Grey O'Connor Slim-Fit Wool Suit Jacket | was £2,280 | now £1,368 at Mr Porter
The O'Connor jacket has been revived for No Time To Die in a subtle Prince of Wales check. Unlike the navy jacket above, this jacket has been woven with silk for additional softness, but retains the blocking style that ensures it lies close to the body. For physically fit men like Craig, the tailoring is a winner, creating a flattering shape.

Craig pairs both suits with matching trousers, costing an additional £620 per pair. The trousers are also impeccably hemmed: you're looking for legs that just cover your socks over a smart shoe, with a single slight "break" in the front of the trouser where the hem rests on the top of the shoe. Too long and the trousers look baggy, too small and you'll be showing calf whenever you sit down. 

When it comes to formal shoes, Craig is only outfitted with the best. The 140-year-old Northampton shoemaker Crockett & Jones has shoed Bond in his last three movies. With a penchant for fine leatherwork and classic styles, Craig sports Crockett & Jones' Norwich derby shoe with his pricy suits. Check it out below:

Crockett & Jones Norwich black calf Derby shoe | now £440 from Crockett & Jones

Crockett & Jones Norwich black calf Derby shoe | now £440 from Crockett & Jones
A classic Derby shoe, just incredibly well-made. Crockett & Jones have been in Northampton, one of the UK's historic shoemaking hubs, since 1879. The black calf leather classic featured in both Skyfall and Spectre as James Bond's shoe of choice, a real Quantum of Shoelace. 

Of course, the everyday man doesn't often have two grand to splash on a designer suit. If you're looking for sartorial elegance on a budget, off-the-peg suits such as the ones found at Burtons and ASOS imitate these styles very well, as seen in the ASOS Design jacket below: 

ASOS DESIGN slim suit jacket in navy | was £60 | now £21.50 at ASOS

ASOS DESIGN slim suit jacket in navy | was £60 | now £21.50 at ASOS
Bond on a budget. The two-button blazer with slim, notched lapel is less about the fabric, with polyester in place of cotton, but for just over twenty quid, the fit can be adjusted if necessary, already lying close to your waist and shoulders to imitate the Tom Ford jacket above. 

Take inspiration from the fit of Craig's suits and tailor it (sorry) to your own budget: a two-button jacket in the style of the O'Conner suit can be taken in at the waist to your specifications if needed, while the trousers can be hemmed to create the perfect Craig fit. The important thing when buying is to get the shoulders and sleeves right.

Even after tailoring, the end result is a Bond-esque suit at a fraction of the price, leaving you enough money for a martini or two at the bar.

James Bond style: casual wear

It's not all about the suits. When Bond isn't in London being dressed-down by M, he's dressed down on a beach in Jamaica, a snake-fighting pit in Madagascar or a hotel bar in Montenegro. They may not be as iconic as Bond's formalwear, but there's as much to learn in Craig's casual ensembles, which will arguably see more day-to-day use for most men. It also presents a series of looks, like the above, that can easily replicated without designer pieces. 

Not content to conceal a Walther PPK in his sock or a laser in his watch, Bond hides sartorial know-how in plain sight with simple looks that still seem purposeful and stylish. He uses layers to great effect in casual ensembles, something you can deploy in the field without the need for Q Branch. 

The above look from Quantum of Solace shows a black shawl ribbed cardigan from Tom Ford, priced at £2,217. The 007 cashmere collection from Npeal, created to celebrate the upcoming release of No Time To Die, is also full of great knitwear inspired by Bond's historic looks, such as Timothy Dalton's ribbed fisherman's sweater.

Most men would throw a bit of knitwear over a t-shirt and call it a day, but Bond pairs his cardi with a crisp white Oxford-style shirt, showing smart layering can elevate a casually thrown-together weekend look into a proper outfit, that looks like it was chosen with care. Wrap it all up with some smart, sandy-coloured chinos and chukka boots or boating shoes and you'll really look the part. 

The Tom Ford piece is a beautiful cardigan, but for men looking for a no-fuss casual look that doesn't cost the earth, let's replicate it with items all under £100:

Abercrombie & Fitch Shawl Cardigan | now £65 from Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch Shawl Cardigan | now £65 from Abercrombie & Fitch
This cardigan still retains the ribbed collar and cuffs with the shawl look of the original, but it's about 5% of the price of the Tom Ford model. The textured cotton is warm and the build is good quality, ensuring you stay warm as you speedboat your way across the coast of Basilicata.

J. Crew Slim-Fit Button-Down Collar Cotton Oxford Shirt | now £70 from Mr Porter

J. Crew Slim-Fit Button-Down Collar Cotton Oxford Shirt | now £70 from Mr Porter
This lightweight, cool Oxford is a staple in every gentleman's wardrobe. Usable in both casual and formal ensembles, it'll be one of the most versatile pieces of kit you'll ever own, which is reason enough to buy a good quality, well-fitted Oxford that'll last.  


UNIQLO Men's slim fit chino trousers | now £34.90 from UNIQLO
Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo does a nice line in fitted chinos that come at a price which belies their quality. A little spandex woven into the cotton provide stretch to go along with the excellent fit, whether you need a bit more give in the thigh or mobility to chase bad guys across Venetian rooftops. Now you just need one of our best belts.

Timberland Stormbuck Chukka |

Timberland Stormbuck Chukka | was £130 | now £78 from Timberland
A classic all-weather dark brown boot to pair with chinos or smart jeans and a casual jumper. Anti-fatigue technology cushions your feet to last all day on the town, while a waterproof membrane keeps the suede dry even when the evil mastermind floods his own subterranean lair. 

Whether it's a navy polo with a light zip-through sport jacket or a crisp white shirt with a heavy black shawl thrown over the top, Bond knows the value of layering. Pair darks with lights, along with neutral trousers and classic shoe styles, to look every bit the off-duty superspy. 

James Bond style: watches

Ian Fleming's watch of choice was a Rolex. In honour of this, Bond may have sported a Rolex Submariner on Sean Connery's wrist throughout his seven-film stint, but since 1995, Omega has been the James Bond franchise's watch of choice. 

Acquiring an exclusive license to time the fictional spy, Omega gained new prominence with Casino Royale's egregious product placement in the scene above.

Brosnan and Craig have been kitted out with successive editions of Omega's Seamaster family to celebrate the character's past with the Royal Navy. The watchmaker even released a pair of limited editions in 2015 to promote Spectre, Craig's fourth Bond film. 

The latest James Bond style watch created to tie-in to the franchise is the Omega Seamaster Diver 300M 007 Edition. It's a thing of beauty, with a stylish 42mm Seamaster case made from Grade 2 Titanium. Check it out below, if you fancy getting on the waiting list to own one:

OMEGA Seamaster Diver 300M 007 Edition | join the waiting list at £7,390.00 from Omega
This stellar piece won't be a limited edition, so you'll definitely be able to get your hands on the watch commemorating Craig's final 007 run. Driven by the

OMEGA Seamaster Diver 300M 007 Edition | join the waiting list at £7,390.00 from Omega
This stellar piece won't be a limited edition, so you'll definitely be able to get your hands on the watch commemorating Craig's final 007 run. Driven by the Omega Co-Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 8806, the new watch is completed by a NAIAD LOCK caseback, which keeps all of the engravings in correct alignment.

James Bond style: accessories

Short of the Aston Martin DB5, we've covered all the major bases to get you looking suave enough to work for MI6. However, there's a few key details missing. 

Despite his native Scotland, Bond prefers to frequently go on missions taking him to tropical locales, such as Morocco in Spectre (above) and especially Ian Fleming's favourite Jamaica, home of his Goldeneye estate on Oracabessa Bay. You can't get by in the blazing sun without seriously stylish eye protection, and Bond's sported some excellent specs over the years.

Eyewear, like a good watch, is worth spending money on. The best sunglasses will last for years and look much better than tacky, all-plastic frames. These are a couple of Bond's favourite pairs:

Tom Ford Snowdon sunglasses | were £240 | now £169 on Amazon

Tom Ford Snowdon sunglasses | were £240 | now £169 on Amazon
Craig put the 'spec' in 'Spectre' with these glasses from the 2015 film. The acetate-style frame is marked by the subtle gold "T" logo emblazoned on both sides. Unfortunately, there's no infra-red targeting system in these – must be sold separately. 

Vuarnet Legend (VL06) sunglasses | now £148.79 on Amazon

Vuarnet Legend (VL06) sunglasses | now £148.79 on Amazon
These are the shades Craig will be wearing during No Time To Die (or at least, he's been spotted on set with them) and they're selling out fast. A vintage shape with a dark brown woodstain frame, it's a little livelier than Craig-Bond's normally sombre ensemble.  

To complete the James Bond style illusion, there's only one more thing you'll need: a martini in hand. You can't walk into a high-class establishment, dressed to the nines in your new clobber, and not order one. But to really appreciate the martini, you should learn to make it at home.

Officially the coolest drink in the world, this is a classic cocktail that's deceptively easy to make. Fill a shaker full of ice, add four parts gin or four parts vodka to one part dry vermouth, shake and strain into a cold martini glass. Add an olive, or twist of lemon, and you're done. All you need to get started is a basic cocktail starter set. Allow us to help:

Twice Element Cocktail Mixing Set | Boston Style Shaker Kit with Elegant Gift Box | now £29.95 on Amazon

Twice Element Cocktail Mixing Set | Boston Style Shaker Kit with Elegant Gift Box | now £29.95 on Amazon
It's shaken, not stirred, so you'll need a cocktail kit to get you started. Despite costing under £30, it's premium quality. The food-grade stainless steel tumblers won't leak or crack, and the strainer has twice as many coils as most, which stops small bits of fruit and ice creeping through. 

And there you have it: the only James Bond style guide you'll ever need. With No Time To Die on the horizon, there's never been a better time to take some outfit-of-the-day inspo from the biggest fashion icon of the silver screen. Dust off that box set and put your feet up, while you wait for your new clothes to land on your doorstep. More like No Time To Buy. 

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