If the iPhone 15 Pro gets a price hike, this model will be the best in the range

Rumours suggest the Pro variant could get a $100 price increase – which makes another model the best value buy

Apple iPhone 14 models on white
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It's hard to believe there's still nine months until the iPhone 15 range will be officially unveiled. The near constant flow of rumours and leaked information – particularly about the iPhone 15 Ultra – have made it feel like an imminent release, when, in fact, the iPhone 14 range was only unveiled around three months ago.

But, alas, the rumours continue. It's arguably quite justified this time out, as the iPhone looks set to undergo its most substantial redesign in recent history. According to the rumours we've heard thus far, the standard iPhone models – successors for the vanilla 14 and the iPhone 14 Plus – are getting a processor boost and the three-camera array previously reserved for the Pro variants. 

Those Pro variants could also get a new 3nm processor and a titanium frame, while the Ultra looks likely to bag a fourth camera sensor, to give it a periscope zoom. Like I said, it's a big redesign, and one that will be welcomed after the iPhone 14 range, which many felt was too similar to the iPhone 13 that came before it.

Now, a MacRumors article suggests that the Pro models in the iPhone 15 range could see their price bumped up by around $100. The rumour in that piece comes from a Weibo source. It's not exactly the most reliable source, but then it's also not a revelatory statement.

Apple's pricing structure has remained the same since 2018, when the iPhone XS was released for $999. Those five years have been financially turbulent, to say the least, so it's impressive that Apple has been able to maintain consistent pricing. But it has to give at some point.

If Apple do increase the price of both Pro variants, I believe the iPhone 15 Pro will suffer most. Assuming what we've heard is true, the iPhone 15 Pro could feature a titanium frame, haptic buttons and a more efficient processor. My gut says that at least one of those will be reserved just for the Ultra, though.

If it doesn't differentiate itself enough, it will face the same struggle that the iPhone 14 Plus did this year. Spend a bit more and you get the iPhone 15 Ultra with its four-cameras and larger screen/battery combo. Or, spend less and get the iPhone 15 Plus, which I think could be the best value-for-money phone in the range next year.

The 15 Plus, assuming all rumours are true, would feature the same processor and camera array as we currently see on the iPhone 14 Pro Max, in the same size package. And at what could easily be a sub-$1000 price point, that would be one hell of a phone.

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