F1 Stats: Formula One season in numbers

See what's inside Bernie Ecclestones head - and become smarter too

Sit back, relax and soak in some stats courtesey of Red Bull's Racing Spy app. Packed with killer knowledge, it'll have you knowing your Bernie from your Ernie in no time

Introducing Red Bull's Racing Spy app, a killer mobile mite released by the energy drinks company to conincide with the most prestigious Grand Prix of the year in Monte Carlo, Monaco - Formula 1.

Packed with essential stats, such as driver figures and pit gossip, it'll keep you in the loop with all-things F1-related. You can either, a) download it for free now and have a play with it, or b) check out the snapshot below for a roundup of interesting facts and figures. Enjoy.

Download: Red Bull Racing Spy app

Red Bull app