Disney Plus free trial: where is it still available?

It’s got the bare necessities, but how about a Disney Plus free trial? The service’s rapid growth means they're now harder to come by

Disney Plus free trial
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Despite going up against streaming titans Netflix and Amazon Prime when it launched in November 2019, Disney Plus was an unmitigated success: accruing millions of subscribers with its winning combination of Disney classics, MCU blockbusters, and Pixar’s acclaimed animations, while spinning gold from existing IP with new content like The Mandalorian.

And new subscribers were initially granted 7-days complimentary access with a Disney Plus free trial.

Subscribe to Disney Plus in 2021

Subscribe to Disney Plus in 2021
Boasting a huge library of content for all the family, get access to Disney and Pixar movies and TV, as well as Fox and National Geographic content. From Marvel to Star Wars, The Simpsons to Hannah Montana, there really is something for everyone, especially if you make the most of that combo Disney Plus, Hulu and ESPN Plus package for $12.99 a month.

But then, in a move worthy of Thanos himself, the trial vanished months later from markets like the US, New Zealand, Canada and the UK. Given the rapid growth of Disney Plus – it had over 86 million subscribers by December 2020 – the Mouse no longer required a free trial to entice viewers.

However, the availability of the Disney Plus free trial differs from region to region. So below we’ll detail where you can still enjoy those, and the best-value options available for anyone subscribing to Disney Plus.

Disney Plus free trial: why can't I get one?

From November 12 2019, Disney fans in the US, Netherlands, and Canada could sample a week-long Disney Plus free trial, which provided unmitigated, 7-day access to the streamer’s library of over 7,000 TV episodes and 500 films – including Marvel’s box office hits, National Geographic documentaries, and bona fide Disney classics like The Lion King.

But by June 2020, after having rolled out to Australia, the UK, India, and much of Europe, it was announced that the week-long free trial was to be axed – at least in the aforementioned territories. A company spokesperson said: “we continue to test and evaluate different marketing, offers and promotions to grow Disney Plus”, and noted that the combination of great content and competitive pricing made it was an attractive proposition in its own right.

With highly anticipated titles about to premiere, and the pandemic keeping most of us in lockdown, Disney were confident that people would happily pay the cost of two lattes to see the filmed version of Hamilton – where tickets to the live show had sold for hundreds of dollars – while also adding blockbusters like Frozen 2 to the service.

What's the cheapest way to get Disney Plus without a free trial?

While the free trial is no longer available across many regions, Verizon customers in the US will get free access to Disney Plus for 6 months, or the Disney Plus + Hulu (with ads) + ESPN Plus bundle for no extra charge, with select Unlimited plans. Likewise, those new to 02 in the UK or upgrading can enjoy a free 6-month subscription to Disney Plus.

If you’re not a Verizon customer, but are situated in the US, then the Disney Plus bundle (including Hulu and ESPN Plus) is available for $12.99 a month. That’s 28% less than if you purchased all three platforms separately, and basically gives you one of them for absolutely nothing!

Those in the US, UK, or Australia will be looking at a monthly cost of $6.99, £5.99, or AUD$8.99. Much better value, however, comes if you prepay the yearly amount. The equivalent annual costs are $69.99, £59.99, or AUD$89.99, and essentially gifts you two months a year free.

Both monthly and annual amounts will increase for new international subscribers from February 23, or from March 26 if you’re based in the US. So, if you want to bag the lower rate for at least another six months, be sure to sign up prior to these dates.

Disney Plus shows and movies

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What can I watch on Disney Plus?

You can enjoy an ever-expanding library of over 500 films and 7,000 TV episodes.

There’s the Disney archive, with animated classics like Beauty and the Beast and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, to 2013’s box-office smash Frozen, plus Pixar’s entire back catalogue, which includes Toy Story, Soul, and Monsters Inc.

For those who want their blockbusters super-sized, they have the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe to navigate, in addition to the entire Star Wars saga, while the SFX weary can get mind-blowing real-life drama from National Geographic.

And that’s not all, because Disney Plus continue to produce a glut of original shows like The Mandalorian, Black is King, The Right Stuff, and WandaVision.

Does anywhere have a Disney Plus free trial? 

Disney Plus continues to roll out internationally, and we expect that in new markets, they’ll deploy the Disney Plus free trial to attract new subscribers to the platform. Throughout 2021 the streaming service will become available in Singapore, Hong Kong, and South Korea, so Disney fans in those countries should look forward to a 7-day free trial before paying a single dollar.

Latin American countries like Brazil and Mexico – who only got Disney Plus access in November 2020 – are still able to enjoy a week-long free trial, while the Japanese have it even better, with a 31-day trial period currently available to them.

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