Ciele Athletics' new running hats are on top of my summer shopping list

Sweat-wicking, cool-looking running hats? Sign me up

Ciele Athletics Momentum Headwear Collection
(Image credit: Ciele Athletics)

One might say I'm slightly obsessed with Ciele Athletics gear, and those people aren't wrong. Whenever I see the word 'Ciele' pop up in my inbox, I prick my ears up like a dog, ready for action. Imagine my excitement when I saw an email with the title 'Ciele Athletics just dropped what might be the best running cap collection to date'! I had to know more.

Said collection is called Summer Headwear Collection, and as Ciele Athletics put it, it's nothing short of exceptional. There are six new models in the new drop, including the GOCap SC–Clean, FSTCap Clean, and CRWCap Clean. These sub-collections, so to speak, are different from the hats that made Ciele so popular among the running community and have a monotone colour scheme and subtle branding.

Featuring the brand's COOLmatic | PLUS technology, the hats are said to have 'exceptional; cooling sensation, 'unmatched' moisture-wicking capabilities and 'cutting-edge' anti-odour capabilities. This is achieved via breathable, moisture-wicking knit technology treated with cooling and anti-odour, as well as a hydrophobic treatment that provides advanced moisture management for enhanced cooling.

With the Summer Headwear Collection, Ciele is introducing COOLmatic | PLUS D3, combining all of the features of COOLmatic | PLUS with their latest designs. Better still, like Ciele hats, the new headwear has UPF +40 UV Protection, is machine washable, has reflective retailing and pliable brim. All caps are included in Ciele's Million Miles Guarantee.

All new hats are available at Ciele, with prices ranging from $40 to $85. Here are some quick links to the different parts of the collection: GOCap SC–Clean, FSTCap Clean, and CRWCap Clean. Please also check out T3's best running shoes and best trail running shoes guides.

Matt Kollat
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