5 top TV deals in Amazon Prime sale, hand-picked by an expert TV reviewer

From top-end to affordable, here are five decent TV deals to consider in the Amazon Prime Big Deal Days sale

I've been reviewing TVs and collating and editing TV reviews conducted by our panel of experts for years now. The way panel technology has progressed has been staggering in recent years, with top-tier panels of the best TVs now brighter than ever before, but even affordable options, such as the best TVs under £500, also delivering plenty for most people. 

That's why, this Amazon Prime Day 2 – where you'll find the best Prime Big Deal Days deals selected by T3's in-house team across a wide range of products (here's our deals expert's top selections) – I've pulled together the five very best TV deals from the two-day sale, so you don't have to deep-dive through everything yourself. From top-end to more affordable, there's something for everyone.

Prime Day's best TV deals

5 best TVs to buy this Prime Day

LG C3 OLED 65-inch: was £2,899now £1687 at Amazon

LG C3 OLED 65-inch: was £2,899, now £1687 at Amazon
If you want one of the best OLED panels for the best black levels without any light-bleed, but also want one that's physically massive, then LG's C3 OLED in 65-inch scale, which is the company's best stand-mount model (the G3 OLED is brighter but wall-mount only and much pricier) is a steller buy. Its launch price seemed high, given its similarities with the earlier C2 OLED, but now that price has come crashing down to a sensible level. It's a great option for gamers and movie enthusiasts alike. 

Amazon Fire TV 43-inch Omni QLED: was £549.99, now £299.99 at Amazon

Amazon Fire TV 43-inch Omni QLED: was £549.99, now £299.99 at Amazon
If you're after something altogether smaller and far more affordable then Amazon's own-label products have come a long way in recent years. This 43in QLED (that's Quantum Dot LED, if you're wondering) has ample features: 4K Ultra-HD resolution, 4x HDMI ports for connecting inputs, Fire TV smarts built-in, even Dolby Vision IQ high dynamic range decoding when watching compatible content. It reads like a TV far pricier, but that's because it's almost half price in the sale!

Samsung S95C 55-inch: was £2,399now £1479 at Amazon.co.uk

Samsung S95C 55-inch: was £2,399, now £1479 at Amazon.co.uk
If you're after one of the very best TVs available today then you're in the right place. Samsung's S95C top-tier model didn't only net T3's 5-star badge, it also netted a T3 Award for 'Best TV'. Yes, it's really that good. Insanely bright, super-punchy colours, yet no light bleed given the quality nature of this QD-OLED panel. I'd be tempted to go with the LG C3 instead, simply because it's bigger, but if it's 55-inch you seek as your ideal then you can't buy better than this set right now. 

Samsung Q60C 75-inch: was £1,999now £1,399 at Very

Samsung Q60C 75-inch: was £1,999, now £1,399 at Very
Wait, what's this, a deal outside of Amazon's own? You got it! If you want super-massive then this Samsung 75-incher ought to appease your needs. It's the Q60C, which is some distance down the company's Q range, so there's some forgiveness you'll need to give to the limitations of an edge-illuminated LED set – that can cause some light bleed and inconsistent coverage overall. But at this scale and this price? That's to be expected.  

Panasonic MX610B 65-inch: was £699.99 now £499.99 at Amazon

Panasonic MX610B 65-inch: was £699.99 now £499.99 at Amazon
Panasonic's entry-level model for 2023 is the MX610, which I saw at the company's TV showcase in the summer of this year. The discount may not appear so big on this one, but for a new TV it's pretty significant. Quality isn't up there with the Samsung or LG OLED by any stretch of the imagination, but if your main aim is to nab a big-screen set for less then it's a great price. There's Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision for sumptuous audio and video, plus you'll get Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa built-in. Noice. 

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