Best cheap dash cam deals for February 2023

Get super deals on the latest dash cams

Best cheap dash cam deals
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Many cars still don't come with dash cams fitted as standard, and that's a shame as they are incredibly useful pieces of technology that can not only save you money but also protect you in case of unwanted incidents.

Indeed, just by having one of the best dash cams fitted to your vehicle many insurers will cut up to 20% off your premium, and considering that some of the best dash cams available are really affordable, it's a long-term saving that makes sense.

That's why right here T3 has rounded up the best dash cam deals on the internet. These are top-rated dash cams we recommend, as well as the best prices on them available today.

One key feature to look out for is Wi-Fi connection, as this makes it so much easier to view, download and share footage, while you might want to choose features like a wide-angle lens, night vision or parking surveillance mode too.

Note there are dash cams with screens and models without. Dash cams with screens are easier to set up and view footage on, but ones without screens are a lot less intrusive.

Both are useful, but we'd choose one with a screen for occasional recording (track days and scenic drives), but one without a screen setup for discrete everyday driving.

There's a tonne of information about buying a dash cam in T3's best dash cam buying guide, and, if you're unsure where your car is compatible, you can read T3's guide to fitting a dash cam.

Best dash cam deals

Are you looking for the best dash cam? You can't go wrong with the Nextbse 522GW. It's class-leading in a number of categories, from video quality and smartphone connectivity to safety features.

These are the best Nextbase 522GW prices we can find:

Don't need the class-leading dash cam, and would prefer something a little more affordable? We have some good news…

You can check out our selection of hand-picked affordable dash cams, alongside the best prices we can find online.

We've either chosen dash cams we have reviewed and personally would recommend, or dash cams from reliable brands such as Nextbase, Garmin, Mio, Thinkware and more.

These are the best cheap dash cams deals we can find:

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