The best Apple deals for July 2020: iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods and more

Need a cheap iPad? MacBook Pro? Mac mini? iPhone 11? These are the best Apple deals on the web

Best Apple deals
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Welcome to the very best Apple deals for 2020 – collated from all over the web and brought together on a single webpage by the experts at T3.

Whatever type of Apple hardware you're after – from laptops to tablets – we've got the pick of the best deals and discounts right here for you. You don't need to go anywhere else to do your shopping.

We're constantly reassessing the best prices from trustworthy online retailers all across the web, so read on and see if you can bag yourself a bargain – you might not have to pay as much as you think.

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Apple might be pushing out into services and streaming television these days, but hardware still represents an absolutely core part of its business – and these devices aren't going to drop in popularity any time soon.

Check back often on this page too, because prices are shifting all the time as new products appear. We had the iPhone 11 handsets, Apple Watch Series 5 and new cheaper iPad unveiled only recently, which of course had a knock-on effect on the pricing of older iPhones, watches and iPads.

Best iPhone deals

iPhone 11 Pro

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Apple's iconic smartphone continues to go from strength to strength, with the newest iPhone 11 handsets – as you would expect – the best ones yet. They've got more camera lenses, more power, a stylish new look, and even a new colour choice or two. For something a little cheaper, the old models are still well worth a look.

The best iPhone 11 deals

The best iPhone 11 Pro deals

The best iPhone XS deals

The best iPhone XS Max deals

The best iPhone X deals

The best iPhone 8 deals

The best iPhone 8 Plus deals

The best iPhone SE deals

Best Apple Watch deals

Best Apple deals Apple Watch

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The Apple Watch has proven to be a bigger hit than anyone imagined, dominating sales not only of smartwatches, but watches of all kinds. It's the best smartwatch on the market, mixing great fitness features with really useful app and notification support, plus some health feature that could genuinely save your life. Check out the best deals on Apple Watch below.

The best Apple Watch Series 5 deals

The best Apple Watch Series 4 deals

The best Apple Watch Series 3 deals

Best iPad deals

Apple iPads 2020

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The Apple iPad line continues to impress and surprise us, from the high-end, minimal-bezel iPad Pros, to the everyday functionality of the entry-level iPad – all now running iPadOS of course, which makes the line between tablet and laptop more blurred than it's ever been. Check out the best iPad deals we've got below.

The best iPad Pro 11-inch deals

The best iPad Pro 12.9-inch deals

The best new iPad (10.2) deals

The best iPad Air deals

The best iPad mini 5 deals

The best iPad mini 4 deals

The best iPad (9.7-inch) deals

Best iPod touch deals

best apple deals 2020

Although Apple no longer makes the mega-useful iPod Shuffle or the not-so-useful iPod nano, the iPod touch lives on with broadly the same internals as the iPhone 6

The iPod touch has been improved recently though - it has doubled in capacity to 32GB and 128GB. There's an 8-megapixel camera, A8 processor plus the M8 motion coprocessor and a 4-inch retina display.

The iPod touch is available in space grey, silver, gold, pink and blue.

Best MacBook Air deals

The MacBook Air has just been given an update with the option of quad-core power, plus more base storage than before, and is back down to a starting price of £999/$999 as standard.

It also has Apple's new magic keyboard, which is more comfortable and reliable than the butterfly keyboards on previous models. That said, we didn't dislike the feel of the previous keyboards, and they certainly didn't have problems for everyone, so if you want to pick up an older version of the Air – especially last year's model – for a great price, it could be a great buy.

Best MacBook Pro 13-inch deals

The MacBook Pro 13-inch brings strong quad-core power as standard, plus a brighter screen than the MacBook Air with wider colour range. It's actually still waiting on the new 2020 butterfly keyboard though – we'd recommend only buying this laptop right now if you find it on a great deal, because it's due for an upgrade. But then, that's probably why you'll find it on a great deal, so have at it!

Best MacBook Pro 16-inch deals

The MacBook Pro 16-inch is highest-end laptop Apple makes, packing at least six cores of processing power (or eight, if you prefer) and dedicated graphics, plus a big 16-inch screen that's great for multitasking.

Best MacBook Pro 15-inch deals

If you want a big beefy MacBook Pro, but don't want to spend quite as much as the 16-inch costs, it's worth looking at deals on the 15-inch models that it replaced. In terms of power, they're very similar – you're talking many cores and great graphics, but with the older butterfly-style keyboard and, of course, a slightly smaller screen.

21.5-inch iMac with Retina 4K display deals

best apple deals 2020

Ever since the famous Bondi Blue iMac debuted way back in 1998, Apple’s all-in-one desktop computer has been setting standards in gorgeous design and powerful performance. 

These days Apple is again pushing boundaries with the iMac, blessing all of its 27-inch models with the world’s best display, which has a massive 5K (5120x2880) resolution and a wider colour gamut than previous models. 

Earlier this year there were several updates to the 'standard' iMac range. We're talking better screens, more memory, the latest Intel Kaby Lake 7th gen processors, more storage and two USB Type-C ports with Thunderbolt 3. 

There's also a retina 4K display and discrete graphics added to the £1,249 21.5-inch iMac.  

27-inch iMac with Retina 5K display deals

The best Mac mini deals for March 2020

After Mac OS for the cheapest price possible? Already got a monitor (and keyboard and mouse) you can use? 

Then it's worth considering the Mac mini. It isn't the fastest, but it costs less than half of the other Macs. The point of the Mac Mini is that it's, well, mini - we've seen bigger hard drives than the modest footprint of the sleek silver box.

 At 7.7 inches square and just 1.4 inches deep, the Mac Mini won't strike many as a computer at all. The minimalist design with all sockets hidden at the back mean it's one of the most stylish gadgets Apple make. As a trendy metallic square for your home office, it looks the part and is rugged.

Small and powerful, there's little the Mac Mini can't do for general users and a lot it can do for pro users with a few upgrades. You can actually spec out a Mac mini to a pretty high level (for an extra price of course), and it's actually a perfect option for some. 

Here are the best Mac mini deals available right now: 

Best Apple deals