Amazon Echo vs Amazon Echo Plus

Torn between the Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Plus? This will help you decide which is best for you

Amazon Prime Day Echo Plus
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The Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Plus are both expected to be discounted heavily on Amazon Prime Day 2019, and not just at Amazon either, with many other retailers like Walmart and Currys looking to match or beat the online shopping giant with top deals of their very own.

These smart speakers are among the very best on the market today, allowing you to control every aspect of your smart home while also delivering rock solid audio playback, too. From powering the best smart bulbs, to controlling smart security cameras, and onto managing the heat of a home by communicating with a quality smart thermostat, there is very little these pieces of kit can't do.

The thing is, though, the deals on these products will come and go within a matter of days if not hours, so knowing which one you want pick up before the sales begin next week is crucial to bagging one before stock runs dry or the deal terminates. As such, here we're going to help you decide which one deserves your hard-earned cash now so you can pull the trigger come the big day quickly and efficiently.

Amazon Echo Amazon Prime Day

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Amazon Echo vs Amazon Echo Plus: The Similarities

The Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Plus deliver near-enough the exact same feature set, with all of the core features remaining consistent across the board; Alexa can execute the same commands, like answering questions and streaming music.

Both the Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Plus also come with a line-out slot for hooking up an external speaker, should you prefer to rig either of them up with an existing home entertainment setup, sending the audio through one channel.

Amazon Echo vs Amazon Echo Plus: The Differences

Take an Amazon Echo, add in a line-in input, which can be called upon to draw audio from another source, maximising its capabilities as a standalone speaker; a larger subwoofer and a bigger tweeter, and you’ll come out with an Amazon Echo Plus.

While the Amazon Echo Plus can control all the same devices as the standard Echo, it makes doing so a lot easier. That’s because it has a Zigbee Hub built right in, so you won’t have to faff around with the individual hubs that come with each accessory.

The Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Plus are available in a host of fabric-clad colours, which are designed to blend into any room — though the latter is a touch wider and shorter, in order to make space for the added audio equipment.

Amazon Echo Amazon Prime Day

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Amazon Echo vs Amazon Echo Plus: Which Do I Need?

For most, the standard Amazon Echo will suffice. It's small and nimble enough to fit into just about any space, while packing enough of a punch to accentuate the entire room when Alexa is firing information your way or streaming your favourite song.

The Amazon Echo Plus, on the other hand, is for those looking for a smart speaker to sit at the center of their entertainment setup. The line-in input and louder sound makes that a reality — letting it function as somewhat of a soundbar, so to speak.

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