Amazing Sky TV deal: get Sky and Netflix for just £25 per month!

Get Sky and Netflix now for just £25 per month!

Sky TV Netflix deals
(Image credit: Sky)

Sky TV is well known in the UK as being the best option for people that really, really love TV and want all the available channels, movies, sports and so on, for not very much money. Well, that quality content offering just got even better, as Sky is introducing its Sky Ultimate TV deal, which offers Sky TV and Netflix for just £25 per month.

We're not exaggerating when we say that the Sky Ultimate TV bundle has everything you could possibly want as a TV lover: BBC, Spotify, YouTube, Netflix (obviously), ITV, and All 4, all in one place. Sky TV itself boasts over 2,500 series, many of them award winning.

With this deal, you get the brand new Sky Q box, too, which is state of the art — in our review we called it "best-in-class brilliance". It can store up to 500 hours of video content and has a super easy-to-use interface, meaning you'll never miss your favourite shows again (or the shows you don't know are your favourites yet).

Sky Ultimate TV Bundle | Sky TV and Netflix in one place | Sky Q box | Hundreds of channels | £25 per month | 18 month contract | Available now
You really can't do much better than this deal from Sky, offering their TV services bundled with Netflix for a very small monthly price. Plus, if you want to add Sky's famous Sports coverage, you can for another £20 per month.View Deal

So, if you're in the market for upgrading your TV setup, look no further than this fantastic deal straight from Sky. And, for lovers of quality content, this offering is going to get even better soon when Disney+ UK launches on Sky at the end of the month.

Lock in a Disney+ UK subscription now with this super deal, and come the end of March you could have a setup that delivers the content might of Sky, Netflix and Disney+, through one best-in-class set-top box, in your own home.