5 phone trends I'm expecting to see in 2024

Whether you love iPhones or are an Android aficionado, expect some of these on your next phone

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE review
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Well folks, it's nearly the end of 2023. It's been a fantastic year for phone releases, with new models cropping up left, right and centre to offer users more options.

We've seen arguably the best iPhone yet in the iPhone 15 range, as well as a wealth of top Android phones across the board. There have been massive advances in foldable phones, too.

With all of that in mind, it's time to look forward. Here are five things I'm expecting to see a lot more of on phones in 2024.

1. Peachy colours

If there is one thing which affects phone design more than anything else, it's the Pantone Colour of the Year. This sets the marker for on-trend design all year, and can often be found slathered across much of the market as a result.

We've already seen the Peach Fuzz hue for 2024, which is a colour options for a couple of Motorola handsets including the Motorola Razr 40 Ultra. That may well be the first, but I seriously doubt it will be the last we see of it this year.

Expect to see pastel peach shades on all sorts of devices.

2. Fantastic foldables

As mentioned above, foldable phones enjoyed big success this year. The range of handsets on offer grew substantially, but the quality of those handsets also improved a lot.

Take the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5, for example. That model made great use of the ever-increasing interest in flip phones, with improved specs and a durability which defies popular opinion for the segment.

I'm expecting to see more of the same next year, with new models and possibly even some more brands getting in on the act.

3. AI Delight

It's been the buzzword of 2023 for tech companies, and it's likely safe to bet on AI technology sticking around. I'd expect to see more companies and handsets using AI-powered software and hardware features in their new releases.

We've already seen that. The new Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 features Generative AI capabilities built right into the chip. Plus, recent rumours about the Samsung Galaxy S24 range suggest that could offer AI-powered removal of subjects in video footage.

Like it or not, AI is surely here to stay.

4. Shot-snapping stardom

In the past few years, camera quality on phones has gone from strength to strength. Whether it's the AI-powered brilliance of the Google Pixel 7 Pro or the 200MP raw hardware quality of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, users are blessed with fantastic shot snapping prowess.

While I wouldn't expect to see any massive leaps at the extreme this year, I suspect other brands will be working hard to catch up. Expect to see bigger, better sensors on those devices, as they look to bridge the gap to the big hitters.

5. Storage shooting up

An odd one for my final choice, but I suspect we'll start to see the low end of phone storage options increasing in size. Currently, the smallest we see is 128GB. But as someone with a 128GB phone, I can personally attest – it's not really enough, particularly if you're a bit snap happy.

The simple solution? Start offering more on the low end. 

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