Sculpt six-pack abs with this quick 4-move core workout – no equipment required

Get your abs ready for this fast and furious core workout – no equipment required!

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The best workouts are often done without using any equipment such as this fast core workout that uses nothing but your bodyweight to help you sculpt six-pack abs fast. All four exercises involved in this home workout are neighbour-friendly – there is no jumping or running involved. Are you ready? Let's go!

But before we explain this ab workout, let's talk about diet, just for a little bit. You need to pay more attention to your diet if you're planning on losing weight before the weather gets good enough so you can walk around shirtless. Six-packs are made in the gym and revealed in the kitchen, as the saying goes, meaning you will have to cut back on booze and pizza if you want to have your abs on display.

There are still months to go until the weather gets really good – at least in the northern hemisphere – which is more than enough time for you to lose weight sustainably. To keep the flab off, start doing full-body workouts to build muscle mass; it helps keep your BMR high and burn more calories even when you aren't exercising.

But let's start at the beginning: check out Ashleigh Jordans' bodyweight-only abs workout below:

Ashleigh Jordans' no-equipment abs workout: Exercises

Ashleigh's abs workout consists of four exercises in the following pattern: you start by doing a more dynamic exercise, followed by two isometric-style moves and finally, another dynamic move to get the heart rate up again (great for fat burning).

There is no rest specified in between exercises, but we recommend a 30-second break after each block (e.g. after you finished doing 20 step-ups/knee to elbows) to allow your muscles to recover a bit before moving on to the next one. Allow for up to 60-second rest between exercises.

Since some of the moves require you to lay on the floor, consider using a yoga mat (or exercise mat) to ensure you don't get too cold.

Here is how to split up the workout:

  • Step-up/knee to elbow (3x20)
  • Rest (60 sec)
  • Cocoons (3x15)
  • Rest (60 sec)
  • Lying oblique crunch/leg-hold (3x20 each side)
  • Rest (60 sec)
  • Standing oblique crunch (3x20 each side)

Although you won't need any equipment for this workout, something you might want to invest in is a pair of workout shoes or cross-training shoes to make the standing exercises more bearable. The foam used in these performance shoes is designed to provide good energy returns – get ready to bounce higher!

Want to work on your six-pack abs? Try this 8-minute core workout (bodyweight exercises only) or a 10-minute core workout if you have some more time. haven't even got eight minutes to work on those washboard abs? Do this 5-minute ab workout instead.

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