3 reasons mobile gamers will love the OnePlus 10T

The OnePlus 10T is a performance-focused flagship smartphone that will be particularly well suited to gamers

OnePlus 10T being used by a man lying down
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At its launch in New York, the OnePlus 10T 5G immediately struck me as being a killer phone for mobile gamers. 

The OnePlus 10T is all about performance, which is what makes it so good for gaming. Whether you’re into first-person shooter games or you’re more into RPGs, it will be able to handle everything you could throw at it. That’s why this looks set to be one of the best gaming phones of the year, but it also gives you everything you really need from a flagship smartphone as well.

Here are the 3 reasons why I’d recommend this phone to anyone who is obsessed with mobile gaming. 

 1. The latest hardware powers it

Boasting serious speed, this phone is a powerful piece of kit. That’s partly down to its processor which is the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 and sits alongside a huge 16GB of RAM if you buy the pricier model.

The result is a mighty performance-focused phone that runs games effortlessly and loads apps quickly. Not only that but it responds instantly to each scroll, swipe and tap and it doesn’t lag either, but the really great thing is that thanks to a new cooling system, it doesn’t actually heat up too much when it's hard at work.

During the launch, OnePlus described their new 3D cooling system as ‘extreme thermal control’ and told us it uses graphite to provide 50% improved heat dissipation that can ultimately reduce temperatures by 2.3°C. It's great to hear that 10T users won't have to worry about the phone overheating when they're busy getting immersed in the on-screen action.

2.  It features the Hyperboost Gaming Engine

OnePlus' Hyperboost Gaming Engine is a feature that will improve your whole mobile gaming experience - it's made up of the General Performance Adapter (GPA) Frame Stabilizer, GPU Load Control (GLC) and LSTouch. But what exactly does that mean for you?

Well, the General Performance Adapter (GPA) Frame Stabilizer makes gaming feel smoother and gives it more stability by reducing fluctuation in frame rate, while the GPU Load Control gives graphics rendering a boost and reduces how much power it uses to do so, and finally, LSTouch improves responsiveness so your actions and gestures get registered more quickly. It covers pretty much all bases and you'll be able to reap the rewards in your gameplay.

3.  You get a big battery life and fast charging

While it may not be the most obvious feature for gamers, long-lasting battery life and super fast charging mean you can spend less time worrying about your phone dying mid-gameplay and more time actually playing. 

Thanks to a 4,800mAh battery you'll get tonnes of gaming time here, I found that the phone easily lasted hours and hours of tapping and swiping. When you do finally run out, it'll only take 20 minutes to go from flat to full. OnePlus told us that means you can get as much as 28% battery in as little as 3 minutes! 

Yasmine Crossland
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