Today’s Wordle answer: Friday, March 11 #265 with hints

Stuck on today's Wordle? We've got the answer

Sadly, Wordle is not a five-letter word
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Friday's Wordle is out and it's trickier than it may seem, partly due to a limited number of vowels, but with a solid system, we still got it. If you managed to work out Wordle #264 for yourself, you should be able to get this one – at least within five goes. The important thing with Wordle is not to rush and just put anything down, as that's where those lives whittle away. Use the first two wisely and then work with that. It hasn't let us down yet. 

If you need a bit more help with your technique, give T3’s official guide to Wordle a go. Not that we're bragging, but our opener is solid gold and has failed us yet. sometimes we get brave and try a few alternatives but you'll find this one works. 

Today's Wordle hint

You'll never know what a good time you're missing if you don't keep a look out. 

Is there any Wordle controversy today?  

Scientists finding Wordle solution

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As both a noun and a verb, there can be little controversy in today's answer. It feels a little on the basic side but as discussed, its structure might cause a bit more effort than yesterday's. 

Today's Wordle solution

Wordle 265

It's time. 

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Today's answer is WATCH, as in a wristwatch or to watch something. Did you watch the game? Can you keep watch for me? Oh isn't that a nice watch... both the verb to watch and the noun a watch, spelt the same way. 

For today's challenge, we broke out our classic ALIEN and SHOUT technique. Alien only got us an A, while Shout deliver H and T, none in the right places. With only three confirmed it took us one more try with WRATH, which delivered the W and put the H in the right position. The rest, we'll just put down to careful deliberation and a little luck. 

For those more recent music fans, Watch is the name of a lesser-known early Billie Eilish track. It has quite a cool video too if you haven't seen it, so do have a listen. Ã demain!

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