Today’s Wordle answer: Thursday March 10 #264 with clues, solution and discussion

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Wow, that was a comparatively hard one. Today’s Wordle 264 on Thursday March 10 has reversed the ‘easy’ trend of March so far. The last few Wordles have been so easy even absolute dumbos could get them, but having staggered back from an  launch with a heavy cold picked up at a kitchen tech expo earlier this week, this one was difficult. We were panicking, thinking, 'oh no, our usual system isn't working, what crazy word has been picked here?' But then we calmed down and got the right answer, and then thought, 'oh, perhaps we were being a bit overly dramatic there.'

Before continuing with today’s solution, consider perusing T3’s official guide to Wordle, particularly if you have been struggling with Wordle. We have never actually lost at this game so far – touch wood – and in The Wordle Guide, you will learn the secrets of our success. If you follow our methods, grasshopper, you really can't go too far wrong.  

Today's Wordle hint

Maybe it's time to let this one go. Forget about it. 

Is there any Wordle controversy today?  

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There must be SO much controversy around this one! Sadly, the night is young, so nothing has coalesced into outright fury but you just KNOW people are going, 'HOW CAN A WORD HAVE AN E AFTER AN S, WTF?!??!!!' 

Hopefully by the time you read this, the internet will be ablaze with people who have small vocabularies and can't spell saying 'me no get this, how is fair? word have weird letters why it troll me?'

Today's Wordle solution

today's Wordle solution


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Today's answer is LAPSE. Yep, LAPSE. It's a more obscure word than month, vivid and whatever other rubbish Wordle has been pushing this week. The issue here for many Wordlers will be that there is an E after an S. Didn't see that one coming, right?

A lapse is a pause, a forgotten thing, a failure perhaps, in some people's eyes.

We approached this in our usual calm and calculated way by starting with ALIEN and SHOUT. That gave us practically ALL the letters, but none in the right place. Then we tried LEASH even though we knew that H was already ruled out. Because that is how you nail this game. From there we knew S was the second to last letter and what kind of weird-ass word has S as the second to last letter? We 'guessed' LAPSE as there are no other ones we can think of this late at night. 

A lapse of memory, a lapsed Catholic, lapsed loan repayments, a momentary lapse of reason, which is also a terrible album by 80s Pink Floyd… there's a certain amount of negativity around the word lapse, but any word is what you make of it, and that's partly what made nailing this one all the sweeter. 

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