This might make you think twice about buying the Samsung Galaxy Fold

It has to be the most fragile device on the market

Samsung Galaxy Fold
(Image credit: Future)

While the Samsung Galaxy Fold that's shipping to customers is a lot more durable than the model that Samsung was supposed to release back in April, it's still no Nokia 6310. At least, that's according to a recent stress test that found that the handset has no trouble withstanding excessive usage, only to turn jelly when it's dropped – even when dressed in the protective case that comes bundled in the box.

The test challenged the Galaxy Fold to 120,000 unfurls. Samsung says this is around the amount of activity the handset would be subjected to if it were open and closed approximately one hundred times a day for three years. The only issue reported was a cluster of pixels dying out around the 18,500 mark. But that's not such a big deal – Samsung has vowed to repair such failures for a reduced rate, if not for free.

However, things went south when the device was dropped (albeit from a considerable height of six feet). Regardless of whether it landed on the flexible internal or the static external screen, the £1900 handset was left with a level of damage that rendered it completely useless. And that's when it's wrapped in a protective case. Without it, the destruction would no doubt be a lot worse.

The moral? Be carefold with your Galaxy Fold.