Nintendo Switch Lite plunges down to Black Friday price point

If you missed out on the Nintendo Switch Lite Black Friday price crash then this gaming deal is well worth checking out

Nintendo Switch Lite deal
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T3 is constantly on the lookout for the best Nintendo Switch Lite deals, which is why when we saw this Black Friday-level price drop over at TheGameCollection we knew we needed to write about it.

That's because TheGameCollection currently has all three main colourways of the Nintendo Switch Lite console in stock and available for just £175.95. Free delivery is also included on each console, too, so that price is genuinely all you pay for the new console. The last time we saw this sort of pricing on the Lite it was Black Friday.

And, trust us when we say this, that is a damn good price on the Nintendo Switch Lite. Go over to Amazon right now, which always tends to be one of the most fierce price competitors for consumer gaming tech, and you'll find the same systems are retailing for £195.98 (for the Yellow console), £197.17 (for the Grey console) and £198.99 (for the Turquoise console).

Indeed, if you go to Currys, John Lewis, GAME, ShopTo, Argos, Very,, Nintendo Store and everywhere else of note right now and you'll find that this TheGameCollection deal price beats all these other retailers comfortably.

It's a great Nintendo Switch Lite deal and that is why we find it so easy to recommend. The full details of the colourways available can be viewed below:


Nintendo Switch Lite | Turquoise colour | Was: £199 | Now: £175.95 | Free delivery | Available at TheGameCollection
TheGameCollection is one of T3's favourite gaming retailers right now, with the store consistently offering a fantastic range of gaming merchandise, and with attractive prices, too. A good example of this is this brand new Nintendo Switch Lite deal, which plunges the hot handheld down to Black Friday levels in terms of price point. As such, the Turquoise version of the Lite can now be picked up for just £175.95. Free delivery is also included.


Nintendo Switch Lite | Yellow colour | Was: £199 | Now: £175.95 | Free delivery | Available at TheGameCollection
If you were to make us choose just one version of the Nintendo Switch Lite to use over all others then we'd pick the standout bright Yellow version of the console, which is the colourway that tends to sell out first when new stock hits retailers. TheGameCollection have the system in stock right now, though, and at the same Black Friday-level price point of £175.95 as the Turquoise console above. Free delivery is also included.


Nintendo Switch Lite | Grey colour | Was: £199 | Now: £175.95 | Free delivery | Available at TheGameCollection
Lastly, the Grey Nintendo Switch Lite colourway is also discounted down right now to Black Friday levels at TheGameCollection, too. This system, which is the variety T3 covered in our official Nintendo Switch Lite review, delivers a more mature aesthetic, and so is ideal for older gamers who don't need or want to draw attention to their handheld. £175.95 is a very good price on a new Switch Lite, too, and the free delivery is very welcome.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is the long-awaited follow up console to the original Nintendo Switch and allows gamers access to the very best Nintendo Switch games the platform has to offer in a new, streamlined, portable-only form factor.

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For those who missed out on the Nintendo Switch Lite's big unveiling last year, below is the console's official launch video, which shows off its new form factor and features.

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