Cheap Apple AirPods deals are Amazon Prime Day beating bargains

Amazon Prime Day cheap Apple AirPods deals, now available in the USA and UK

Apple AirPods Amazon Prime Day
(Image credit: Apple)

We love Apple's AirPods range of true wireless earphones here at T3, which is why we were thrilled to see that the AirPods and AirPods Pro are currently discounted down to Amazon Prime Day style price points in both the USA and the UK.

And, what's even better is that these deals cover both the wired and wireless charging case variants of the Apple AirPods, too. That means that if you aren't fussed about wireless charging then you can save even more money on a new pair of AirPods.

Simply click on a link above to jump to your region's Amazon Prime Day quality Apple AirPods deals, or scroll down to view them all.

Cheap AirPods deals in the USA

Apple AirPods Pro | Was: $249 | Now: $199
$199 for a pair of Apple's superb AirPods Pro is a brilliant deal, with a 20% price cut at Amazon seeing their price drop by a straight $50. Naturally, as this is Amazon, you also get totally free shipping on the deal, too.View Deal

Apple AirPods  | Was: $159 | Now: $129
Another really attractive price cut sees the 2nd Gen AirPods cut down in cost to only $129 from $159. If you aren't fussed about wireless charging tech, then this is a great deal, bagging the quality true wireless earbuds at Amazon for less.
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Apple AirPods (Wireless Charging) | Was:  $199 | Now: $154.98
This deal sees you land the same 2nd Gen Apple AirPods as the deal above, but get an upgrade in terms of charging tech, with this case capable of wireless charging, too. A 22% discount sees the cost tumble from $199 to only $154.98. Free delivery is also included.
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Cheap AirPods deals in the UK

Apple AirPods Pro | Was: £249.99 | Now: £199.97
Laptops Direct knocks it out the park here, delivering a cheaper price on AirPods Pro than even Amazon itself can manage. Under £200 for these hyper-luxe true wireless earbuds is a great price, and
these buds are a superb all-round audio solution, delivering active noise cancellation tech and top smart features.View Deal

Apple AirPods | Was: £159 | Now: £129
Amazon does beat the competition with this Apple AirPods deal, which sees 19% sliced off the cost. That translates into a straight £30 price reduction. If you aren't bothered about wireless charging tech, then these AirPods are a great choice. Free and fast delivery is included in the deal, too.
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Apple AirPods (Wireless Charging) | Was: £199 | Now: £158
Amazon also has the AirPods with Wireless Charging Case discounted right now, too. A 21% price drop means they are retailing for £158 now, rather than £199. For anyone with a Qi-compatible wireless charging station, these are a great fit. Free delivery is also included.View Deal

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