Best webcams 2020: work from home like a pro

The best webcams for working from home, from budget to premium

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Right now many people are finding themselves working from home and, to do that effectively in 2020, you need one of the best webcams. These cameras deliver an integrated audio-video unit that is perfect for team meetings, briefings and staying in touch with friends and family.

With that in mind, here at T3 we've created a guide to the best webcams on the market today, with options for every budget. T3's best webcams 2020 guide also includes some top picks from the webcams still in stock right now, making it easy to pick up a webcam quickly.

We've also got a range of webcam options in terms of form and functionality. Some of these top webcams can present in 4K resolution, while others offer tiltable and rotatable heads, granting flexibility when on a call in terms of what you display. Each webcam here also delivers good audio quality, as we feel that is an absolute pre-requisite of any good webcam purchase.

best webcams Microsoft LifeCam Studio

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Best webcam in stock right now: Microsoft LifeCam Studio

A professional, well-priced camera that can be bought right now

Resolution: 1080p
Features: Skype, colour correction, Hi-Fi mic
Reasons to buy
+Quality microphone+Wide-angle view+Mid-range price point

Many of the webcams in our best webcams buying guide are selling out right now, as more people than ever are finding themselves having to work from home. As such, our top recommendation of best webcam for most people at the moment is the still in stock Microsoft LifeCam Studio.

The Microsoft LifeCam Studio isn't the most attractive webcam aesthetically, but it is well priced and delivers 1080p resolution recording, 720p video calling, a wide-angle viewing angle, and a quality wideband mic that delivers strong audio.

In addition, the LifeCam comes with Microsoft's TrueColor colour correction system, helping you look your best on call, while its head can rotate a full 360 degrees. Most importantly, though, it does this at an affordable price point and it is still in stock.

best webcams KCatsy USB Video Webcam

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Best cheap webcam in stock right now: KCatsy USB Video Webcam

In stock right now and very affordable

Resolution: 480p
Features: Colour correction, 360° rotation, plug and play
Reasons to buy
+Very affordable+Does the basics well

If you need a webcam right now and don't have much to spend then the KCatsy USB Video Webcam is the best option. Firstly, it is in stock and secondly it is a fraction of the price of many other of the webcams in this guide — and with Amazon one of the stockists, that means it can be delivered fast and free, too.

In terms of tech, the KCatsy USB Video Webcam does the basics well, without offering high-end features. It delivers a 480p video webcam with a 360° rotating head, a wide-angle view, and a noise cancelling microphone. It also comes in a variety of colour schemes, too, including blue, black, red, silver and white.

The camera can be placed on a desktop but is designed to clip onto the top of a monitor or laptop screen. Overall, if you need a cheap webcam for Skype, Google Hangouts or any other sort of web conferencing, and you need it right now, then the KCatsy USB Video Webcam is definitely worth checking out.

Best webcams Logitech C922 Pro Stream

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1. Best webcam for most people: Logitech C922 Pro Stream

Logitech's C922 webcam is the ideal system for most people

Resolution: 1080p
Features: Stereo audio, autofocus, auto light correction, background removal
Reasons to buy
+Excellent low-light capabilities+720p/60fps streaming+Background removal feature

The Logitech C922 Pro Stream is, overall, the best webcam for most people in our mind. Firstly, it is one of Logitech's newest webcams, meaning you are getting the latest tech. Secondly, it delivers 720p/60fps streaming, which means you get high-fidelity and smooth video results while on call. And, thirdly, it comes with some really neat extra features.

These features include a background removal function, which is great in terms of protecting your privacy at home, low-light correction, camera lens autofocus and stereo audio. The C922 Pro Stream also delivers colour correction functionality as well.

In terms of design, the C922 Pro Stream is one of the more aesthetically pleasing cameras on the market as well, coming in both black and white, and comes with various mounting options too.

Crucially, though, to get our best webcam for most people nod, it does all of this at an affordable mid-range price point. Yes, sure, there are webcams on the market today that deliver superior resolutions or hyper premium features, but for 95 per cent plus of users this package is the perfect balance of professional features and affordable price.

Best webcams Logitech Brio Webcam

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2. Best premium webcam: Logitech Brio Webcam

It costs a lot, but the Logitech Brio Webcam is worth it

Resolution: 4K Ultra HD
Features: Windows Hello, HDR, 5x HD Zoom
Reasons to buy
+4K Ultra HD resolution+Supports Windows Hello

If money isn't a concern then the Logitech Brio Webcam should be top of your best webcams to checkout list. That's because it not only delivers an Ultra HD 4K resolution as well as HDR, but also because it is Windows Hello compatible (allowing you to log-in to your computer through biometrics) and comes with 5X HD Zoom function, autofocus, dual omni-directional mics with noise cancelling, and an external privacy shutter.

One other neat feature delivered by the Brio Webcam is its adjustable field of view, with the user capable of selecting 65, 78 or 90-degree viewing angles. This is great as if you need to hold group video calls with more than one person in the room, then the Brio can deliver, while equally if a tight image angle is needed for just a head and shoulders perspective, the Brio can also deliver.

Best webcams Microsoft HD-3000 Webcam

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3. Best cheap webcam: Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000

If you're shopping with a budget, then the HD-3000 is a great choice

Resolution: 720p
Features: Noise cancelling, colour correction
Reasons to buy
+Very affordable+Great for Skype

For shoppers on a budget, the Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 is a great choice. It delivers a mix of 1080p recording and 720p live video calling, a flexible head that can rotate 360 degrees, a variety of mounting options including on a tripod, a wideband microphone and autofocus function, and access to Microsoft's TrueColor system, that alters exposure dynamically to maintain best possible image quality.

Aesthetically it isn't the most attractive camera, but considering the package it delivers in terms of hardware and features, at this price you really can't complain. 30 frames per second is fine, and the ability to capture still images from it at 4MP resolution a small extra boon. A great choice for budget webcam shoppers.

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