The best men’s hair products 2018: get your hair looking fresh with this selection of gels, waxes, pastes, and shampoos

Gentlemen, keep your hair under control with our round up of the best hair products from shampoo to gel and wax for creating your favourite style.

best men’s hair products

Finding the right hair product, whether it be a wax that fixes your style in place all day long, or a shampoo which makes your hair feel silky soft, can be a tricky task. But when you find the right product, it makes it so much easier to really find a style that works for you. 

But with such a dense range of brands on the market, all offering to help you achieve your desired look, choosing one just seems impossible. 

Going out and buying the first thing you see on the shelf won’t work, because it might not be right for your hair type. Instead, take into consideration what kind of look you are looking to achieve, and what type of hair you have. 

For example, when it comes to styling, if you have thick hair, wax is usually a lot better at providing a strong hold, and can be worked into the hair in a more controlled way than gel

You’ll find this is best for creating spikes and other styles. Gel, on the other hand is a lot lighter and can be more manageable on short and medium-length hair and is better for everyday styling. 

Don’t forget that the shampoo you use will also affect how styling products work on your hair. Rather than just lathering on shower gel, which can dry out the hair, make sure you invest in a good shampoo and conditioner to give your hair some TLC before and after applying lots of product. It’ll keep your hair soft and shiny, especially as some styling products can dry out the hair. 

We’ve picked out some of the most highly rated men’s hair products on the market right now to help you get started with a great hair care routine. 

Whether you are just looking to try a new product, or you’re venturing into the world of hair care for the first time, there’s something to suit every hair type. Pick out your favourite from our list or mix and match for the perfect combo. 

The 8 best mens hair products

1. KRIEGER & SOHNE shampoo

Achieve a salon blow dry after using this moisturising shampoo

Best for: Combating dryness
Type: Shampoo
Hair Type: All hair types
Application: lather into hair and wash out
Reasons to buy
+Prevents hair loss+Infused with tea tree oil
Reasons to avoid
- Not a very big bottle

For those who find they suffer with a dry scalp or limp and lifeless hair after washing, then this Krieger & Shone Shampoo could be the answer. Men have found this shampoo to really leave their scalp feeling conditioned, and it is infused with tea tree oil which is said to be really effective at getting rid of product build up and oils in the hair. If you’re a regular styler with gel, wax or hairspray, you can expect this shampoo to help you keep on top of maintaining soft and shiny locks.  

2. Jack Black Nourishing Hair & Scalp Conditioner

Nourish the scalp with this intensive conditioner

Best for: Healthy scalp
Type: Conditioner
Hair Type: All
Application: apply after shampoo and rinse
Reasons to buy
+Lightweight+A little goes a long way 
Reasons to avoid
-Bottle could be larger

If you have found a good shampoo, then it’s always best to follow up with a good conditioner, too. Those who suffer from dry and itchy scalps will find that this lightweight conditioner doesn’t weigh down the hair too much, and users found it to be soothing on sensitive scalps. 

A little goes a long way with this conditioner, so although it’s a small tube, users felt they got their money's worth from this product. This conditioner will give you a good base and keep your hair soft even once product is applied.  

3. PATRICKS M1 Matte Finish Light Hold Pomade

A lightweight product for sculpting styles into place

Best for: Sculpting and taming
Type: Pomade
Hair Type: Medium, fine hair
Application: work into the hair with palms
Reasons to buy
+Matte finish+Infused with peptides to nourish
Reasons to avoid
- A bit sticky

Those who want to try something a little thicker than gel to hold things in place might like this pomade, which is designed to help sculpt fine hair and keep it in place. Those who used it say it’s a great way to make your hair feel thicker and give it volume. 

The formula includes ingredients to keep the hair feeling soft rather than crunchy, which is what gel can often do to the hair, but some did say it feels sticky when applying to the hair. It also gives a matte finish which some prefer to the shiny finish of gel.  

4. Fish Stonefish Styling Clay

Get choppy locks with this thick clay

Best for: Short styles
Type: Clay
Hair Type: Short-medium
Application: apply to towel dried hair
Reasons to buy
+Firm hold +Great for clean and sharp styles
Reasons to avoid
-Doesn’t hold well in rain, ironically

For shorter hair, this styling clay from Stonefish is thick enough to hold your style without feeling too heavy on the head. Guys who use this product say it smells great and does a great job keeping their style in place all day long....until it rains that is. 

It doesn’t hold up well in the bad weather, but what this does mean is that it washes out fully in one go with shampoo and conditioner. Ideal for creating smart looks on a daily basis.  

5. Sea Salt Spray L’Oréal Expert Professionnel Tecni Art Beach Waves

Surfer dudes will love this product that creates perfect beach waves

Best for: Beach hair
Type: Spray
Hair Type: Naturally curly or wavy hair
Application: Spray onto ends
Reasons to buy
+Matte finish +Easy to apply
Reasons to avoid
-Doesn’t work as well on short hair 

This is a product that both men and women can use, and it’s regarded as one of the best products for taming naturally wavy or curly locks. If you favour the bed head or surfer look, then this spray makes it easy to look effortlessly good, which is great if you absolutely hate spending time styling your hair. If you find that too much shine can make your hair look greasy, then the matte finish of this spray is just the thing for you.  

6. American Crew Heavy Hold Pomade

Get a firm but slick hold with the workable pomade

Best for: Sleek styles
Type: Pomade
Hair Type: Medium-long
Application: Apply to towel dried hair
Reasons to buy
+Paraben free+Easy to comb through
Reasons to avoid
-More of a gel finish 

Longer, sweeping styles can expect to find this pomade slick and workable which is ideal for a firm hold that still moves naturally. Men who tried this product found it easy to sculpt into the hair and also said it smelt nice. 

If you’re all about your natural ingredients, you can rest assured that this product is 100% paraben free, so you’ll know exactly what you’re using on your scalp. Overall, this pomade was said to give more of a shine like gel does, so if you prefer a matte finish, opt for the Pomade higher up in our list! 

7. Hairspray L’Oréal Studio Pro Lock It Ultra Strong Fixing Hairspray

A good old hairspray for fixing those strays in place

Best for: Firm hold
Type: Spray
Hair Type: All
Application: Style and spray to hold
Reasons to buy
+Works for any style +Apply on damp or dry hair 
Reasons to avoid
-Can make hair crunchy 

If you really want your style to hold in place with no movement, then most people will agree that hairspray is the way to go. This hairspray from L’Oreal is designed to provide up to 48 hours of complete hold, and those who have tried it say it really does hold any style in place. 

Some found it to make their hair feel crunchy to touch after a while, but it stays looking natural and brushes right out for easy maintenance. If you like a bouffant or quiff style, men recommend this spray for a much longer hold.  

8. American Crew Fiber Cream

For something a little different in texture, try this medium hold hair cream

Best for: Natural shine
Type: Cream
Hair Type: Medium-long
Application: Apply lightly to damp or dry hair
Reasons to buy
+Smells good +Doesn’t turn crunchy or hard
Reasons to avoid
-Makes hair feel wet 

American Crew have made a second spot on our list with their Fibre Cream. Men love this product as it doesn’t feel stick like gel or wax does, and they say it leaves their hair with a natural shine rather than a high shine. 

If you really hate the hard, crunchy feeling hairspray can give you, then this is a new alternative that could work for you. It does however take a lot longer to dry than other products, but overall you can expect to have more movement along with a firm hold.