Best fire pit 2021: keep warm outdoors

The best fire pits with hot grates, decorative cutouts, portable designs… even one that looks like a big log

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Evening temperatures in the northern reaches of the Northern Hemisphere – like here in the UK, for instance – aren’t especially suitable for sitting outdoors while enjoying a post-nosh chinwag round the table. Enter the best fire pits. 

Once the sun sets, the temperature plummets and everyone’s either reaching for the cardigan or heading back indoors again. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You could, instead, warm the cockles round a roaring fire pit, just the way our hairy simian forebears intended.

No longer are fires just for scaring off sabre-tooths and making mammoth kebabs a bit more palatable — in the form of a striking fire pit, they can be beautiful, functional, sociable pieces of art for enjoyable outdoor living. Plus, they can toast a mean marshmallow. Whether you want it for flipping burgers at your next barbecue or thawing out chilly extremities, the best fire pit is a joy to have in any garden.

Partner one of these best garden fire pits with some of the best garden furniture, one of the best barbecues, and a selection of the best outdoor lights, and you're well on your way to a fantastic garden experience.

The best Black Friday deals could make it even cheaper to bring some warmth to your outdoor space this winter. Because peak demand for fire pits is in the warmer months, retailers are often more willing to offer attractive discounts in order to secure that sale and move some stock. It's definitely worth keeping an eye out for a bargain.

Our pick of the best fire pits to buy today

Amagabeli Portable Fire Pit on white backgroundT3 Award

The best fire pit for most people? That's the Amagabeli Portable Fire Pit.

(Image credit: Amagabeli Garden Home)

1. Amagabeli Portable Fire Pit

A classic portable and practical fire pit for all environments

Burns: Wood and charcoal
Weight: 4kg
Portable: Yes
Diameter: 20.4 inches
Reasons to buy
+Affordable price+Good size+Portable

Lightweight and foldable for handy transportation, with classic good looks, and delivering a good size for most medium and small gardens, the Amagabeli Portable Fire Pit makes for a very attractive option.

As the Amagabeli Portable Fire Pit weighs in at only 4kg, it is also very easy to transport, something enhanced by its folding legs. As such, taking this fir pit on a camping trip, picnic or a BBQ is easy.

The pit itself is made from rust-resistant durable steel, and delivers a 20.4-inch diameter, which places this unit very much in medium-size territory. It comes with a spark protection cover that safely surrounds the fire as desired, which can stop scattering, as well as poker.

Technically this fire pit could also be used as a basic charcoal BBQ as well, so you're really getting two products with its purchase. Overall, an affordable and stylish fire pit.

Fallen Fruits Iron Woodland Scene Fire Pit on white backgroundT3 Award

2. Fallen Fruits Oxidised Rust Effect Woodland Fire Pit Basket

A decorative bowl perfect for setting the scene in your garden

Best for: Decoration
Burns: Logs
Weight: 5kg
Portable: No
Reasons to buy
+Beautiful design+Durable material
Reasons to avoid
-Expensive-Not for cooking

We love the convolutedly-named Fallen Fruits Oxidised Rust Effect Woodland Fire Pit Basket for its decorative style. This laser-cut rustic fire bowl has been intricately designed to bring your garden to life with woodland silhouettes and earthy tones – it really does look invitingly cosy when the logs are in full blaze. However the cut out shapes can cause ash to blow out of the bowl, so be careful not to overfill it.

As time goes on, the bowl itself will rust which will give it an even more authentically vintage look. Your guests will be none the wiser, mind, but their tootsies will sure be warm.

T3's Peaktop Outdoor Garden Patio Round Bowl vs Fallen Fruits Woodland Fire Pit compares this model against a quality competitor.

Travel Kadai Fire Pit BBQ on white backgroundT3 Award

3. Travel Kadai Fire Pit BBQ

Best smaller fire pit for barbecuing

Burns: Wood and charcoal
Weight: 10kg
Portable: Yes
Reasons to buy
+Small and reasonably portable+Comes with BBQ grill
Reasons to avoid
-Quite heavy for its size

Kadai produces a wide range of Medieval-looking fire pits, some of them over 100 years old and costing upwards of £400 apiece – no, we’re not the first generation to think about filling a bucket with a bunch of logs. This particular model isn’t 100 years old but it certainly looks it. Thankfully it’s a lot cheaper, too.

To the untrained eye, the Travel Kadai looks like an inverted Norman helmet and it’s probably just as tough. It measures 45cm across so is just the right size for a small patio and perfect as a campfire. The short stand adds a little extra elevation.

This model is also equipped with a grill and a pair of tongs for those au fait with the lid-less direct cooking technique; ie keeping a constant eye on the food and regularly move it around so it doesn’t burn. It also comes with a handy carry bag. Incidentally, Kadai recommends using 8cm of sand in the bowl to help keep it in tip-top shape; the norm with some fire pits. 

If you love the ancient, reclaimed look then this patio perfect model is well worth adding to the list.

Peaktop FP35 Outdoor 35-Inch Round Steel Wood Burning Fire PitT3 Award

(Image credit: Peaktop)

4. Peaktop FP35 Outdoor 35-Inch Round Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit

A grand and resiliently rustic centrepiece for your social gatherings

Best for: Frequent use
Burns: Logs
Weight: 11.7kg
Portable: No
Reasons to buy
+Durable material+Fire burns all night
Reasons to avoid

The hand-crafted design and rust-proof bronze of the Peaktop FP35 Fire Pit make it a great choice for log-burning all year round, as well as providing a handsome rustic finish. 

The bronze fire bowl itself comes complete with diamond-shaped air holes for great ventilation and a mesh screen cover to keep sparks contained. At roughly 89cm (35 inches) in width, this is a big old log burner so make sure you have the space to position it comfortably so others can walk past it without scorching a shin. A great choice for large verandahs and patios.

Dancook 9000 Firepit BBQT3 Award

5. Dancook 9000 Firepit BBQ

Best larger fire pit

Burns: Wood and charcoal
Weight: 12.5kg
Portable: Hardly
Reasons to buy
+Stylish design+Effective heat radiance
Reasons to avoid
-Not a compact option

The Dancook 9000 is 76cm (30 inches) wide and comes with a heavyweight stainless steel grill meaning you could start an alfresco evening with a handful of charcoal to cook some sausages, chicken legs and kebabs and then, post grub, remove the grill and throw a pile of logs on top of the charcoal for a blazing fire. 

The 50cm-high stand’s a clever design too: not only does it look great but it also lets you store the steel bowl on its side so it doesn’t fill with rain water and become a mecca for mozzie lava and other unsightly natural things.

Astoundingly, the Dancook’s surrounding three-inch lip remains merely warm to the touch and not searingly hot as you might reasonably expect, given that the whole thing is shaped out of heat-conducting steel. This means that kids and pets won’t get burned if they inadvertently brush by or touch the outer edge. 

A top, very keenly priced but sophisticated modern-art option, but only for those with more capacious patios.

Fuoco Tabletop Gel Fire Pit on white backgroundT3 Award

6. Fuoco Tabletop Gel Fire Pit

A mini travel alternative to the traditional fire pit, easy to carry, light, and extinguish

Best for: Camping
Burns: Gel fuel
Weight: 1.2kg
Portable: Yes
Reasons to buy
+Compact and lightweight+Safe and easy to use
Reasons to avoid
-Fuel is expensive

The Fuoco Tabletop Fire Pit is a must-have for campers, hikers and festival-goers alike. By far one of the best portable fire pits, it’s compact and easy to transport, and it comes handily equipped with a long-handled extinguisher, so you can safely and easily put out your fire wherever you are. 

This modern fire pit uses burning gel, which burns quickly and can quickly become costly as a result, but if you’re using it purely for trips or events then it’s an undeniably handy piece of kit.  

Landmann 25282 Barrone Fire Pit on white backgroundT3 Award

7. Landmann 25282 Barrone Fire Pit

A sturdy outdoor fireplace for big gardens, sure to steal the show at your next party

Best for: Heating
Burns: Wood, charcoal and fuel
Weight: 14kg
Portable: No
Reasons to buy
+Burns all fuel sources+Robust
Reasons to avoid
-Not a barbecue-Heavy

The latticed bowl and pyramid lid of this large fire pit make it a standout feature even when not in use. Its considerable size and compatibility with all types of fuel makes it one of the best fire pits for outdoor heating, perfect for creating warmth to prolong those summer nights

While it’s admittedly huge and outrageously heavy, its weatherproof cover means you don’t have to worry about moving it during the colder months, so it can remain a permanent fixture — good news for our backs. 

Kiln Dried Swedish Candle Fire Pit on white backgroundT3 Award

8. Kiln Dried Swedish Candle Fire Pit

This single-use “candle” makes a quirky addition to any outdoor event

Best for: Event centerpieces
Burns: Self-burning
Weight: 20kg
Portable: No
Reasons to buy
+Unique design+Cheap
Reasons to avoid
-One time use-Heavy

This giant Kiln Dried Swedish Candle is a great novelty item, and although it’s more for show than anything else, it makes a fun addition to garden parties and other events. 

This twist on a conventional fire pit can be used to toast treats or to cook with a frying pan, but doesn’t produce as much heat as some of the larger fire pits — it burns from the inside out with just a flickering of flame at the top, so it’s less daring than it looks. It’s deceptively heavy for its size (don’t even try to take it camping), but it’s an undeniably unique centrepiece. 

How to buy the best fire pit for your patio

Fire pit models featuring grills or heating plates for alfresco cooking mean you’ll be hard-pressed for an excuse to go inside at all, and anything that keeps the festivities going longer gets a thumbs-up from us. Alternatively, simply opt for a bogstandard model without a grill and do your cooking on a proper charcoal or gas barbecue while the fire pit blazes away near the dining area. A third, much cheaper method is to load your kettle barbecue with wood after you’ve used it for cooking. However, this isn’t as efficient as a bona fide fire pit because most kettle BBQs are waist height, meaning the heat won’t radiate quite as well, especially if you’re lounging about on low chairs.

Think about your other needs: if it’s design kudos you’re after, go for a good-looking model with a durable finish that’ll stay smart year after year; if your fire pit’s staying out year-round as a permanent fixture, look for long-lasting materials and an included cover to ward off the worst of the weather. And if your crew are keen campers, look for a portable fire pit that you can take on the road. For a cosy home-from-home atmosphere wherever you go, just be sure to get one with legs or a stand that’ll avoid scorching the grass.

A final consideration is fuel. The bigger the fire pit, the more logs you’ll need to add to keep it going. If you live in the countryside and have access to an infinite supply of logs then you’re in luck. But if you’re an urbanite, it’s going to cost you about £5 for a bag of local garage-sourced fire logs and a bag full will burn away in next to no time. For a large fire pit like the Dancook 9000, three hours of alfresco entertainment could easily amount to three or four bags of wood. That’s up to 20 quid’s worth of cosy entertainment; the price of three extra bottles of plonk.

Also, be mindful that fire pits create a lot of smoke and if there’s a breeze it may well waft in your direction and make your clothes smell of a campfire. The smelly bit is actually quite pleasant (you will really notice it on your clothes in the morning) but having a face full of smoke isn’t.

If you’re considering investing in one of these outdoor features, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve narrowed it down to the top 10 best fire pits on the market right now that cater to a range of lifestyles, budgets and environments.