Windows Phone 7 update to bring NFC tech?

Payment technology could be coming later this year

Near Field Communication technology may be landing soon

It seems as though the world and his wife are jumping on the NFC bandwagon, as mobile manufacturers, networks, banks and shops alike are all slowly realising that there’s money to be made from wiring money via mobile.

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Now two anonymous sources at Bloomberg have revealed today that Microsoft plans on bringing NFC tech to its smartphones later this year. The plan will apparently involve a software update to Windows Phone 7 – possibly the big one coming in October – that’ll bring support for NFC payments.

It’ll need to be coupled with devices with the appropriate innards, which the sources claim will begin hitting shelves in the summer. This news follows the recent Copy&Paste update, as well as the multitasking boon coming later in 2011, all of which means Microsoft has far from given up on its fledgling platform. All in all, it’s good news for early adopters.

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