HP and Intel are changing the way laptops work in 2024

AI is changing the way computers function

HP Spectre x360 2024
(Image credit: HP)

In my time reviewing laptops and gaming laptops, I've been used to describing performance in relation to two key areas the CPU and GPU. Intel is determined to up my word count because with its 2024 lineup, of Intel Core Ultra processors it has added a third component, the Neural Processing Unit or NPU.

This dedicated low-power AI engine is designed for sustained AI tasks and has been integrated into HP's 2024 laptops, including the new Spectre x360 14-inch and 16-inch models. HP bills the new Spectre x360 range as "The world's most adaptive laptop with built-in AI technology" and it's easy to see why with AI tricks all over the place aided by up to an Intel Core Ultra i9 processor.  

One of the most obvious areas where AI is present is in the 9MP camera. Video chats using AI to blur backgrounds and filter out ambient noise is nothing new, but how about the ability to know when someone is watching over your shoulder? Or turn itself off when you get up and switch back on when you re-enter the field of view?

It's easy to think that AI is only useful for niche party tricks like writing poems or providing amusing answers to questions but with the Spectre it's something you'll use every day. AI optimizes the fan noise, performance and temperature of the laptop based on the number of open apps, the placement of the laptop and the battery status to ensure peak performance. 

What's especially interesting about the NPU is that you can use the likes of Intel's own Superpower program to perform tasks like summarising a topic or drafting an email locally. That means unlike say Microsoft Co-Pilot, you don't have to share your data with the world. 

While not primarily a gaming laptop, the 16-inch version of the Spectre is no slouch. t is compatible with up to an RTX 4050 GPU which should run most modern games comfortably. 

Hardware-wise the Spectre is not to be messed with either, with a 2.8k resolution OLED display (with a variable refresh rate up to 120Hz), 16:10 aspect ratio and a 90% screen-to-body ratio. The Spectre has previously impressed us with its audio output and this newest iteration also has four built-in, two tweeters and a pair of woofers.

Andy Sansom
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