Weird news: Kissing Kinect, robot seals, Charlie Sheen

Plus: Pointless surveys and stats up the wazoo...

A lighter look at the tech week's more eccentric happenings...

Kinect kiss bowling
Not just three arbitrary words we’ve decided to shove together, but a new hack for the seemingly limitless Xbox add-on that combines two of mankind’s greatest pleasures. It sees you and your significant other (or just some random passer-by, if you like) kissing to control the Kinect Sports Bowling game, by way of magnets and head sensors. Good clean fun.

Piracy: OK by me
We love a good survey. Largely, this is because surveys keep the people with clipboards busy. A recent one by the Danish Rockwool Foundation Research Unit has found that some 70 per cent of people reckon that downloading things illegally for personal use if a-ok. Reminds us of this.

Star Wars reboots in 3D
Ah, Star Wars... When will you please stop doing things? Never, is the answer, seeing as it’s just been announced that Lucas is going to dust all six movies off, strap 3D bits to their aching joints and kick them back into cinemas, starting with that one that nobody really wants to see ever again on February 10th next year.

USB kidding me
Survey time again. Apparently 17,000 USB sticks were left in dry cleaners in 2010. Shocking, we know. Apparently this is four times as many as the year before, which begs the question: why are so many more people letting their USB sticks get so dirty?

Charlie Sheen is #winning Twitter
What an incredible human being. When the tiger-blooded, bitchin’ rock star from Mars puts his mind to something, he causes a splash. Case in point: Sheen’s become the fastest Twitter member to a million users, bagging a Guinness World Record in the process. He probably planned it that way.

HTC adds an extra Cha
We know what you’re thinking: the upcoming Facebook-centric HTC ChaCha just doesn’t have a peppy, chirpy enough name. HTC agrees. Or it does in Spain, at any rate, where the phone has been given the gift of a golden extra Cha. Behold: El HTC ChaChaCha.

Another week, Another 3D porn service
It’s Penthouse this time. That’s right: the world’s first 3D porn channel is here. Click the link to watch the 3D trailer, which goes on for absolutely ages and will only be vaguely 3D if you’ve a pair of old red-and–blue 3D specs lying around.

And Finally…

Robot Seal throws balls
A world-class lesson in how to instantly destroy an amazing technical demo’s credibility, this. Done something cool and genuinely mathematically difficult with robots and science and stuff? How about you shove said robot into a horrific seal suit? Nice work.