Vodafone palm scanners secure your smartphone for festival season

VIP Recharge Truck returns but with some new tricks

The first festival of the summer starts tomorrow and Vodafone’s VIP recharge truck is ready with some nifty new tricks up its proverbial sleeve-bearing

Palm scanners have been added to secure the 2,000 mobile phones charging simultaneously on-board the big red Vodafone truck.

Scanning palms with infrared light to create a biometric template (or ‘vein map’) should ensure nobody’s spanking new smartphone is swiped from the charging station.

The science appears sound and is already in use by some Japanese banks but just how well the scanners will cope when presented with the unwashed, muddy palms of hoards of festival-goers will be revealed this summer.

Vodafone have also fitted the bus with a DJ booth which they say will guarantee that ‘the party doesn’t die with your phone battery’. Headlining the VIP truck is ‘a selection of the UK’s hottest up and coming DJs’.

It is a smart marketing ploy and the addition of the vein scanners should ensure that more and more people will be tempted into using this free facility. The truck will be premiering at fashion shows, F1 races and festivals throughout this summer.