Virgin Media will not stock the Apple iPhone 4S

Exclusive: Virgin Media's Director of Mobile tells T3 it will not host the iPhone 4S

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Ahead of this Friday's October 14th iPhone 4S UK release date Virgin Media's Director of Mobile has told T3 the company does not plan on stocking the in-demand iOS 5 bragging handset

With just days to go until the Apple iPhone 4S UK release date and as a host of networks unveil their plans and prices for the iPhone 4 replacement, smartphone retailer and UK network provider Virgin Media has announced it does not intend to host the iPhone 4S.

Speaking exclusively with T3 Jamie Heywood, Director of Mobile at Virgin Media confirmed that the red-hued network would not be stocking the upcoming Apple iPhone 4S release despite the UK’s five big networks and even Tesco Mobile confirming they will host the in-demand handset.

“At the moment we haven’t got a plan to launch the iPhone 4S but we continue to look into it,” said Heywood. He added: “Clearly it is a great device and it is a device that many customers within the Virgin Media base will have.”

Whilst Heywood revealed Virgin Media does not indeed to host the eagerly awaited iOS 5 touting iPhone 4S from launch it has not ruled out offering the device in the future. “We will continue to visit the decision not to host the iPhone quite regularly,” the company’s Director of Mobile said.

Apple iPhone 4S Specs

Despite maintaining the same form factor as its predecessor the iPhone 4S is all new on the inside with the ARM A5 dual-core processor from the Apple iPad 2 making an appearance alongside 1GB of RAM and the new iOS 5 mobile operating system.

An 8-megapixel rear-mounted camera also makes an appearance on the iPhone 4S with 1080p Full HD video recording capabilities turning the handset into a true multimedia powerhouse.

Apple iPhone 4S Price

Whilst Apple has confirmed that the 16, 32 and 64GB storage capacities of the iPhone 4S will launch in the UK with £499, £599 and £699 SIM-free price tags respectively, a number of network providers have revealed they will offer the device on a subsidised pay monthly basis. For a full roundup of the network’s plans check out our iPhone 4S UK price best deals post.

Apple iPhone 4S Video

Fortunate enough to be granted hands-on time with the Apple iPhone 4S prior to its October 14th official arrival we have brought you a host of next-generation Apple handset content from an in-depth iPhone 4S review to a selection of iPhone 4S videos including a iPhone 4S unboxing video and an iPhone 4S vs. Samsung Galaxy S II video.

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