TweetDeck to get Android beta app this week

Multi-account social networking platform to debut on Google OS

Multi-stream still the order of the day, but blended columns on the way.

TweetDeck will be landing on Android this week, as the social networking canvas gets ready to unleash a beta version of its first application for the Google OS.

The platform, which has so far proved to be a great success on the desktop PCs, iPhone and most recently the iPad, allows users access to all of their social networking streams and the ability to post to one or all of their accounts at the same time.

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TweetDeck CEO Ian Dodsworth is promising a full-multistream approach still featuring Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, MySpace, LinkedIn and Google Buzz, and an interface that will push the Android OS to its limits.

In a blog post on the company website, Dodsworth said: "We've built Android TweetDeck from the ground up to be true multi-stream, laser focused on showing you all your friends' cross-service activity in one app.

"Multi-column is still the order of the day but now columns are blended based on the type of activity rather than the service. And all this whilst retaining the most powerful functionality from each included service.

"We've spent an inordinate amount of time making the app silky smooth from the column scrolling to the custom views."

Dodsworth also added that this iteration of TweetDeck will inform future redesigns of the app. For full details head over to the blog post.

Link: TweetDeck