Triggertrap Mobile iOS app turns iPhone into DSLR trigger

Kickstarter-funded project goes mobile and hooks up to your snapper

New iOS app triggers your DSLR camera to take pictures in a host of pre-programmed ways. Triggertrap specialises in creative time-lapse photography, but can also be set-up for facial and sound recognition

A new app for iOS devices allows you to automatically trigger your DSLR camera through a host of innovative shooting modes.

The Triggertrap Mobile app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch features over a dozen shooting modes including creative distance and time-lapse features and the ability to take a snap every time it recognises a face, sound or movement.

Perhaps the most interesting elements are Distance-Lapse and Eased Timelapse modes, ideal for road-tripping and capturing the journey. The former, Distance-Lapse mode, will automatically trigger a shot at a predetermined distance, making use of the GPS signal on your iOS device.

That means entire journey's can be captured and easily stitched together as a video, and if the app is programmed to take a picture every 100m it'll appear that you're traveling at a constant speed.

Eased Timelapse, on the other hand, "uses mathematical formulas to vary the interval between photographs dynamically.

"The result is that, in the assembled time-lapse video, it appears as if time speeds up at the beginning of the video, and slows back down at the end – perfect for creating beautiful effects," according to the press release.

The app, which works with over 300 cameras, links up with your DSLR through a simple dongle which plugs into your headphone jack. Without the Triggertap dongle, the app can still be utilised using the iPhone's own camera. There's a free version, which features three of the modes contained within the £6.99 premium app.

The launch of the app follows the release of the Kickstarter-funded pyhsical Triggertrap gadget, which performs many of the same functions, but can be infinitely programmed to suit your own photography needs.

Check out the video below for an interesting look at what Triggertrap Mobile is capable of.